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  1. This winded up being really enlightening. Honestly I should tune in to Dont Worry Wednesday and its other streams more often.
  2. Finding a lot of good musicians lately! These are beautiful. I hope you make more~.
  3. I love visual novels! If you make this I may try and play for Youtube~.
  4. Love this song as well! You really are good at making bops honestly. This one is more of an earworm/catchy then the other one? Even though I do like the other one slightly better I'd say. But it's very close. Again love these! I hope you make more songs!
  5. @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】 I recently got your two songs when I got the gold membership for the month! This one is a banger! It has an interesting 90's alternative feel in certain spots which happens to be a fav genre of mine, and I enjoy it a lot this is great. I hope you make more songs as well~.
  6. My primary suspect for the bomber is Aka Sensei honestly at the moment. She was my first subject but I fell for the red herring that was Nori. I think it's her because of her weird absence in a lot of the story compared to other characters and how her motive would be good honestly. Maybe the bombing was an attempt to get rid of the competition for Meteor that failed. I dunno though maybe too dark for this? But I dunno. Maybe Ryan will throw a curve ball at me completely.
  7. I love to write stories and do characters. I also like to draw but my art style is kind of abstract and stuff? I can also voice act and sing pretty well. I have other "talents" i would say but in this case I'm talking more creatively because that's what has my heart~.
  8. Wrath stared at the smaller bleeding girl standing before her. The hot wind in this desert giving her own body a small break from the near unbearable heat. Any human would have turned back, given up by now. However she was Wrath, and Wrath was no quitter. Quite the contrary, she'd dare say she was the strongest woman walking the planet! Even with sweat dripping down her body, she wouldn't yield. She had a battle to win, her sisters were counting on her and more importantly...she was angry, more so then usual. She hated loosing and being made to look like a fool. One could say she even despised that position with her whole being. Especially not after putting in all this work. Despite her many attempts to take over this area and make it her territory, it wouldn't work. Weather disasters? A wash. Regular human armies that had sworn allegiance to her and her sisters? They fell easily. Even her best and strongest army from hell couldn't make this accursed little town fall. After looking into it she finally found out why...or rather who was blocking her path. Of all the places for her virtue counterpart to be, Patience had decided to set up shop here. Some dirty little town in the middle of the desert where there was nothing to even do. Other then kick tumbleweeds and poke burned up lizards with sticks of course. She snickered at that, her fangs showing through her smile. Pushing her wild red hair back, her crimson eyes glowed as she knocked her arrow back again, the metal tips gleaming in the unforgiving sun. Not even a cloud of sand blowing directly at her forced her to stumble back. She wanted to bring Patience down and that was final. Nothing would stop her now that she finally found the annoying thorn in her side. The air whipped her hair up as she released her arrows. They soared across the distance quickly hitting Patience another 3 times, each hitting their target. The smaller cried out a bit in pain bending over. Blood spewed out from her fresh wounds and were soaked into the sand. Yet again, she refused to move. Wrath almost SCREAMED. “Why wont you just DIE already!?” She snarled and yelled out in an almost incoherent combination. She had shot so much at Patience she lost count. Yet it seemed to barely have an effect. Blood would spurt out of the fresh injuries but then the arrow would either fall out or simply stay lodged. She just stood there taking every hit and yet showed no signs of finally succumbing to any wound! She huffed a bit closing her eyes using her ability to summon more weapons. Though before she could complete her spell... “...Hey...Wrath...” Wrath's eyes widened and she looked up. The girl hadn't spoken since she arrived. Everything about her was in direct contrast with Wrath herself. She was short, petite and doll like, even down to her deadpan expression and voice. Her hair was white and her eyes were a Grey hue. She was looking at Wrath with an expression that Wrath couldn't read and frankly that made her uncomfortable. A sinking feeling filled her whole being and she took a step back trying to hide the trembling running through her like an electric pulse. “What shrimp? So now you're finally deciding to chat? Tch!” She tried to smile but it was a bit shaky. “I'll annihilate you!” Patience just stared. She stood up a bit straighter and moved one leg out a bit, almost like a martial arts pose. Her eyes glowed a bit. “You're wide open, Wrath.” With that she raised a finger pointing directly at her. Magical circles appeared behind the smaller deity looking like watery pools. Wrath squinted and before she could even grasp what it was. All the arrows she had been shooting came sailing at her, the ones that were lodged into Patience disappearing in a small puff of magical dust. Wrath didn't even have the chance to dodge. Everything she had been gradually subjecting Patience to came upon her like an avalanche. Her body simply twitched and seizuring as she was hit from all sides. The final arrow was the largest striking her straight in the chest. The sin reached her arm out in Patience's direction, her body cracking as she gasped out. “You...no...I can't be defeated....I won't...I'll...never-” Wrath never got the chance to finish as her body finally surrendered to the attack, crumbling to sand that got blown away in the desert wind. Patience quietly watched as her counterpart was blown away out of sight, but not out of mind. She watched the horizon line, expression not changing. “..You'll be back...when you get a new body...” She mumbled to herself, voice quiet but assured. “I'll be here to stop you from hurting more people when you do...” With that Patience quietly turned back and walked slowly back to the village. Dinner was probably ready by now and she didn't want to keep her newfound family and friends waiting for too long.
  9. Midori despite his desires leaves the hotel and runs into a demonness with quite the pull around hell these days. Things don't go as one would expect though. Midori bristled a bit as he was brushed by a demon walking by in the street. Good god he hated going outside. If someone else could deal with this, he would definitely have passed this job to someone else. He hated people and talking to anyone. Being in the crowded city was the worst. Yet it was a familiar devil.A devil you know is better then a devil you don't after all.Today Midori would be meeting with the devil he did not know.He turned the corner and the landscape changed. It seemed everything shrunk. He had to squeeze through a bit. The harsh red tone this accursed place had was harsher here. Perhaps it was how the broken glass in the windows above reflected light.The buildings here looked close to caving in. It was a ghetto among ghetto's for sure. Midori thought the main city couldn't be any worse. Yet hell continued to surprise him, one unpleasant surprise after another. He could swear there was something watching him here. He wondered if it was just his paranoia, or something was really there. He could swear he saw an eye, maybe several, or something slither behind a trash can from the corner of his vision.How would one even find the apartments in this area? Should he go inside? He wondered to himself as he went through here. Where was a main door even? It seemed he only found a maze after maze here. He brushed his hand against the cold stone the buildings were made of.He touched occasional plaster as well from a rushed attempt at fixing it. The floor wasn't even paved. He coughed a bit waving his hands in front of his face at the dust. He should really be picking up his feet in hindsight.He turned another corner sighing and looking up.It was here that his blood ran cold.She stood out in this odd lighting. Her appearance was jarring. Long curly blue hair and an ornate dress. The pointy witch hat had a veil attached covering most of her eyes. Only the bottom half of her face was visible to him and it seemed...hard for him to read? It wasn't sad or angry. Perhaps it was deep in thought. Nelancholy maybe?Not that the Witch's Bride would have anything to be melancholy about. Midori squinted at her and found his body tensing. He wasn't ready for this but he stood up a bit straighter clenching his fists. He was shaking a little and opened his mouth a shaky sigh coming out. This was for Charlie he repeated to himself. For. Charlie. For CHARLIE!The witch looking demon seemed to hear this and looked up in his direction. It probably wasn't a hard task considering the almost stony silence around them. This deep in the metropolitan maze there was probably no other living thing around but himself and the legendary demoness before him.In other words, no one to hear him scream if...well let's be real here. When this all goes to hell.Still Midori forced himself to take on a more powerful stance. He clenched his fists but his whole body trembled. He tried not to allow his voice to shake and yet:"I..k-know who you are! Everyone is afraid of you...but I'm not Witch's Bride demon!"It was as the rumors said exactly. The fact he managed to narrow down her location was a miracle. She disappeared like a phantom leaving chaos wherever she appeared. Then like a lifting fog, she would disappear once more until the next catastrophe in this cursed pentagram.Not even the biggest overlords here had managed to find her. They only knew of those intense blue eyes that accompanied her many forms.Midori of course was not satisfied with just that though. So he spent months digging. Digging and digging more and more through every forum, message board and website that hell's internet (which was quite slow) had to offer.He had become almost obsessed with her. The power she wielded, her mysterious nature and now? He was captivated all over again, yet a part of him desperately tried to mask that with an indignant rage. When some of those messages described her as the Witch's bride he hadn't entirely got why. He thought it may just be an edgy nickname of sorts.Seeing her in that dress and that pointy veiled hat? He understood now. It was creating so many complicated feelings. He tried to hide it but his body spoke it all. The rage in his eyes, the need for dominance in his stance.Then of course the fear in his quivering.The Witch's bride had said nothing as he tried to collect himself. She just seemed to watch or at least look in his direction, body still as a statue. He couldn't read any emotions from her.He about choked when she started moving towards him. Her hips swayed a bit as she did. Her head still pointed in his direction she walked steadily forward. Her boots thumped against the dirt as she did, the only sound filling the tense air.Every bone in Midori's body screamed at him to run. That his life was in danger. The sensible part of his brain did his best to take control of his body yet it would not obey. Why!? He had no problem running before!Finally the gap was closed. They were practically one step apart now. With that, the woman finally spoke."How'd you do it?"Midori looked at her. His stance relaxed ever so slightly but he squinted a bit at her. "...Huh?" Was all the shy sea dragon demon could muster.Serena tilted her head. "I asked how you did it. No other Overlord here was able to find me. I covered every track of mine. None of them could even begin to predict my moves...yet here you are. Face to face with me. How did you know? I'm just curious...that's all."Midori blinked a few times. He wasn't afraid anymore, those emotions had degraded to apprehension as he realized his death didn't SEEM imminent. Still he wondered if it was some sort of trick though..."The internet." He mumbled softly.The Witches Bride demon looked back at him. Her shoulders slumped a little and clicked her tongue then pressed her lips tightly together for a moment, unsatisfied."Come on! You can't just not tell me the details of how! You could potentially be the one to unravel a plan 30 years in the making! That's all you're going to ruin my life with. The internet? Dude come oooon!" The demoness huffed out and even whined a bit.Her demeanor took Midori by surprise. He expected someone more...regal perhaps? Upon seeing she wasn't at all and almost acted like someone about his age made his anxiety stop completely."W-..well I'm not here to ruin anything exactly!" he waved his hands around in front of him taking one step back. "Well I mean...unless your going to hurt the Hotel I live in! That I can't let happen! If not though then um...er..."Midori looked down fiddling with his clawed fingers. "I guess I can't really stop it..."The demoness just cocked her head to the side. "Um...yeah I don't know what you're talking about honestly." Blunt as ever she leaned against the wall and put one slender leg over the other. She crossed her arms over her chest as well."I don't care about hotels or real estate or anything. I have bigger fish to fry. Bigger fish then you even~" A cheeky grin followed that statement."Don't try to change the subject though, Scales. You didn't tell me how you found me. I want to know."Oh right that! Midori looked down rubbing the back of his long messy green hair."It was nothing really...I was just...I heard the last area you appeared in was near the hotel. It...scared me so I started researching you. I found the name everyone calls you...The Witch's Bride...then I started looking more into you. Where you appeared...there was no pattern...just that however you appear you always have blue eyes."The Witch's Bride in question looked up a little more to fully meet Midori's gaze. Sure enough he could see intense blue iris's that seemed to glow to make themselves more known."Of course seeing that just now confirms I was right..." Midori mumbled. He refused to look directly into those intimidating eyes. Even with the cloth between them he was unsettled.The Witch's bride cocked her head to the side. Her arms loosened a bit, her stance relaxing as well."If there was no pattern then how did you find me here?" Her tone became more casual and...almost pleasing to the ear.A shiver went up the poor sea dragon's spine. He worked up some nerve and looked her directly in the eyes now. He took a deep breath."I figured you'd choose a place where you'd think no one would look. The slums here are the last place any high class overlord would be caught dead in...that and...my gut I guess."The demonness laughed stepping closer again. This time in a much more nonchalant way. "Heh! So you just guessed and dragged yourself all the way out here on a hunch!? Interesting...interesting."Serena brought a finger up to her chin. She was quiet as she seemed to ponder a few things. After a few moments she nodded a bit to herself."Well...you can't go back completely empty handed. I'll have to give you some sort of reward."Midori's heart stopped for a moment at that. Reward? What did she mean by that?Serena reached upward and fumbled a bit with her hat. She sighed heavily as she started to get it off with seemingly some struggle.Midori's eyes widened. No one had ever seen the elusive Witch's Bride Demon in her truest form. For all he knew this would be another trick, but he couldn't look away. He normally was a timid person to his core. If this was a threat it seemed curiosity would kill the cat this time around.As the hat came off, she sighed letting in fresh air for what seemed like the first time in forever. Her long curly hair was unruly, some stray curls sticking up a bit now that the hat wasn't in the way.Oddly enough she looked normal compared to most of the residents here. Her skin was grey and he could swear there were cracks in her cheeks and maybe a small one in her chin? Other then that though. She looked like a human woman as far as he could see.Midori just looked at her staring. His face was reddened and he started to twirl his own hair. "I..Is this your true form? Wow you're very...pretty...and nice looking."God he was an idiot. Why did he just come out and say it like that. The reaction wasn't something he expected.The girl blinked a few times and squinted at him. "Pretty? What are you high?"Midori blinked a bit. He nervously cracked a small smile, it was his turn to tilt his head. "Am...I not supposed to think you're pretty?" He asked. He hadn't done anything wrong right?She looked at him and looked a bit frustrated and confused. "It's not that it's just normally when I take this thing off people see-...you know what never mind!"She stood up straighter closing the gap between them. "My real name is Serena. I've been here for about 30 years. Maybe more then that by now, since my perception is off. I'm slowly loosing track of Earth time." She sighed at that confession."I don't mind if you come around...just spending an eternity by yourself can kind of suck...and since you seem like you won't rat me out..."Midori shook his head. "Oh no! I mean...whatever crazy stuff you do is your business! I don't get involved in..." he gestured to the landscape around them. "...All this. I prefer to just stay at home...but...as long as you won't let anyone hurt me."Serena laughed. "Nah no one will try if they see you with me. They'll probably think I kidnapped you but that's whatever. Better then being eaten or something right?" She laughed."You did good at sniffing me out. I owe you the courtesy of getting to know you at least."Midori nodded a little. He had come here expecting a battle. Something that Charlie and everyone would have to get involved in. He was relieved it ended so peacefully. He looked at his phone."Oh! I actually have to go now...I'll come by maybe...in a day or two. Same time?"Serena stretched a bit sighing. "Yeah sure man...I'm normally here then at around this time. I've had a long day to so..."The sea demon waved before turning and leaving. He immediately went back to being creeped out as he turned a corner. Just because she wasn't a threat didn't mean other demons here didn't want trouble! He quickened his pace wanting to hurry home but the woman he met didn't escape his mind.People said she was on the level of a demon overlord but she didn't seem so bad!Of course little did Midori know, he hadn't stuck around long enough to see what lurked just underneath....When Midori left, Serena turned back to the door she was trying to get into. Finally it opened after a bit of jostling and she sighed heavily.The house was not well kept by any stretch of the imagination. It was dirty and close to disrepair much like it's outside.The only thing that wasn't exactly normal was the body on the floor. The blood had stained the wood a rust color. Serena didn't even acknowledge this or the body. All she did was kick it out of the way as she continued forward.She sighed as she approached a cork board of sorts. Many things were interconnected on it. The demon overlords faces, certain locations, some things that had seemingly been completed as they were crossed out with a red x.Serena leaned forward against the back of the old armchair. She looked at the board resting her chin on her folded hands."Now...where was I...oh yeah."She crossed out another face on the board and stepped back."There we go...now...how to get to him..."Serena's eyes focused on the demon in the center of her twisted collage."I hear he's playing around at some new hotel...could that be what that guy was talking about...? I'll have to probe more next time he shows up..."In the center was a demon everyone knew all to well that was refereed to in hushed tones. The deer demon. The radio demon. Alastor.No matter what you called him though, not he nor anyone else have any idea what was coming.Especially no idea of what would happen not even a year later...
  10. Today after a long time of dragging my feet I am finally doing my first stream on my own! No TAE this time (Though I hope she appears in the comments) just me this time around! Me, my music and you guys! Let's hang out awhile!
  11. We're on everybody! Today we talk about new anime releases, more Gorillaz and our regular creative activities! We also have our guest Crispy the Sheep! He should be fun~.
  12. Today we have a lot of media to talk about! Alongside of our work on Havoc Hotel! We talk about the new My Hero Academia movie, Gorillaz new music video and way more! We have a lot to say after our break last week, so come on and join us!
  13. Today we talk about the Youtube rabbit hole of reality tv clips, Youtube's family friendly antics and more of our Havoc Hotel creation. Today two of my OC's will be featured! I will accept questions about them and we also have out bud Bill on stream! Join us!
  14. Hey! So I promised someone on reddit this a sizable amount ago! Here it is! It's a narration of the first chapter of a webnovel called Otherwordly. I thought it was pretty interesting. If you want to read the rest refer to links! If You Would Like To Read Along: https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/12599167406074505 If You'd Like To Support My Work: https://www.patreon.com/Bravocube https://www.paypal.me/BRPPM If You'd Like To See More Of Me: https://linktr.ee/Bravocube
  15. Here we are on Thursday! This evening we're going back to our roots and it's gonna be all about our Hazbin Hotel AU, Havoc Hotel! We have the voice of Blitz, our composer Gold and the voice of Angel, Alastor, Blarpie! Of course our regulars TAE and me are here tonight too! Come here to see our AU!
  16. Hello everyone! Thursday had a bit of a big situation I needed to tend towards. So I wasn't able to do power hour. It was something I had to do, but as an apology here's Power Hour! Just a Friday one instead of a Thursday one! Today we'll discuss more OC's, alongside Gorillaz new release, Sengoku Basara and Youtube's copyright system stuff. Come join!
  17. BravoCube

    A Cozy Night

    A little comedy fic I wrote for TheArtistEntertainer. Truvius is being a brat, but Sumitra puts him in his place >: 3 It was a quiet day for Sumitra. A rainy day outside, warm inside his little reading room in the mansion they acquired. Just the way he liked it. Sumitra was really into his book. It was something odd for him. He normally couldn't get this absorbed into a book, but this one was good! A fantasy story with a new twist on the genre he hadn't seen before. A demon prince going to a new realm he hadn't seen. It was a fascinating premise for Sumitra.It was a perfect day!Then he felt it. The eyes of a certain annoyance staring at him. His eyes went so far upward they almost rolled back into his skull. A long sigh came out of him. That had become a reflex in this house. Everyone here was sigh worthy and to be honest? Deserving of far worse then that. Reluctantly he put the book down a little,eyes lidded in a bored expression.There was Truvius on the other side of the sofa. Of course. The 5 year old of the Villany 101. He squinted as Truvius didn't break eye contact.“Can I help you...?” Sumitra spoke first, breaking the silence. *** it. He should have ignored Truvius. Why on earth did he always feel compelled to respond to the other? He squinted feeling a migraine coming on. Truvius's thoughts were a jumble, too hard to hear one of at a time, or block out. Subconsciously he moved backwards a bit as Truvius began to speak.“I just realized something about you.” He said. He squinted as well. He seemed to almost be pouty. “You think you're way better than us, don't you Sumitra?”Sumitra raised an eyebrow at that statement. They hadn't interacted at all today! He was just trying to have a nice quiet day at home. He hadn't said anything to anyone. “What makes you think that I am doing that?” Sumitra asked dry tone as usual.Truvius shrugged. “Well whenever Vibsy is talking about plans you sit there and pretend you don't care! Or you just roll your eyes and fight him on it for some reason! You always read books, you never go outside, and you always talk all...overly..proper!” He puffed out his cheeks.Sumitra didn't say a word for awhile. He bent his neck a little, chin pointing at his chest as he did. A look of disbelief on his face not even his normal stoicism could hide. “...What?” It was all that came to Sumitra to say. For once his mind went completely blank. He wished he could enjoy the moment if not for the utter stupidity!“You know! Overly proper! Like...instead of can't you say cannot? You sound all high class or something! It's weird! Why are you trying to act like your smarter then us! Viberto hired you! He's the best person here!”Sumitra blinked a few times, he couldn't believe he was hearing this. The others were still trying to push that narrative. He closed the book leaning forward a little bit. “I am smarter then you.” He said flatly but with a conviction behind it. “Everyone here has strengths...but intelligence and information is mine.”Truvius leaned forward. “What's mine!?”Sumitra smirked. “Shoe shopping.”Truvius growled standing up. His face completely red. “That's not fair! I'm smart! Totally smarter! I could blow you away with my smartness!”Sumitra opened the book. He flipped through it for a bit and then pointed to a word deadpan expression on his face still. “What does that word mean?”Truvius squinted at the page. He bit his lip and looked away..then back at Sumitra. Then at the carpet. He then looked out the window and gasped. “Oh my god what's that!?”Sumitra turned his head to look. “What's wha-OOF”Several pillows were thrown at Sumitra at once. Truvius ran away before Sumitra could recover.“Hah! So much for dumb books when you don't have any street smarts! Checkmate gem boy!” He ran off smirking all the way. Sumitra growled in annoyance. Typical and true to his demon nature! He stood up and picked the pillows up.Whatever. He would let him think he won...for now. In fact, knowing Truvius....There was a screech and the sound of metal pots hitting tiles on the floor. The room even shook a bit. He watched a pot roll slowly out into the hall...and eventually clatter to the wooden floor of the hallway. Sumitra just laughed.“Oh well~you tried.” Sumitra said loud enough to be heard. He shut the door and got back on the couch. Truvius could only groan in pain in response.Ahh back to peace and quiet! Now, back to reading...
  18. Welcome to the next Power Hour! We have a very special guest with us today named Deerloaf! We aren't sure where the wind will take us, but we're going and want you there. Maybe you guys can help us steer this chaotic ship? Join us don't be shy!
  19. We're back! Last week was a disaster but this week we're back in business with a lot to discuss! Mostly media related but more Havoc and creative antics to of course! Join us lovely people!
  20. Here we are for another stream! Gonna be a more relaxed vibe tonight it seems but a fun show! We have more Havoc chat and overall some random stuff, not too specific this time! Come join us!
  21. Here we are for another power hour the day after Christmas! There aren't any after Christmas blues here today! We got the usual fun here for you all and plenty to chat about it. Most likely it'll just be us two, but you never know! Let's find out together on this weeks Indigo Power Hour!
  22. It's Thursday and oh hey it's earlier then usual- Yes dear viewer I see you noticed that! We're trying something today! We are streaming earlier, which means we may or may not have some Havoc Guests in The UK timezone that normally don't appear. However between me and PC we have a lot to discuss today! Join us! I'm feeling especially chatty today so this is gonna be a good one!
  23. It's that time of the week again! Time for another Indigo Power Hour! With auditions wrapping up, production is already under way! All the characters are casted and tonight you'll be meeting some! We'll also be talking more about our creative antics and have some voice acting antics of course! Join us!
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