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  1. We already have Don't Muddle Monday and Don't Fret Friday. So I'll try the other days... Don't tear Tuesday/No Tizzy's Tuesday/No Trouble Tuesday? No Torment Thursday...to be honest the Tuesday and Thursday ones are interchangeable? Don't Scream Saturday/Sunday, Don't Squabble Saturday/Sunday? We can start a thread for this now that I think about it, what do you guys got?
  2. Madoka Magica is one of the best anime's ever. Preferably as the movie trilogy? But you also have the actual series, and the spin off which is also cool!
  3. A Sheep in The Dragons Den hands done. I write fight choreography to that in my mind.
  4. Same so sorry I forgot the date Ryan! I hope it was a good day for you overall~.
  5. This winded up being really enlightening. Honestly I should tune in to Dont Worry Wednesday and its other streams more often.
  6. Finding a lot of good musicians lately! These are beautiful. I hope you make more~.
  7. I love visual novels! If you make this I may try and play for Youtube~.
  8. Love this song as well! You really are good at making bops honestly. This one is more of an earworm/catchy then the other one? Even though I do like the other one slightly better I'd say. But it's very close. Again love these! I hope you make more songs!
  9. @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】 I recently got your two songs when I got the gold membership for the month! This one is a banger! It has an interesting 90's alternative feel in certain spots which happens to be a fav genre of mine, and I enjoy it a lot this is great. I hope you make more songs as well~.
  10. My primary suspect for the bomber is Aka Sensei honestly at the moment. She was my first subject but I fell for the red herring that was Nori. I think it's her because of her weird absence in a lot of the story compared to other characters and how her motive would be good honestly. Maybe the bombing was an attempt to get rid of the competition for Meteor that failed. I dunno though maybe too dark for this? But I dunno. Maybe Ryan will throw a curve ball at me completely.
  11. I love to write stories and do characters. I also like to draw but my art style is kind of abstract and stuff? I can also voice act and sing pretty well. I have other "talents" i would say but in this case I'm talking more creatively because that's what has my heart~.
  12. Wrath stared at the smaller bleeding girl standing before her. The hot wind in this desert giving her own body a small break from the near unbearable heat. Any human would have turned back, given up by now. However she was Wrath, and Wrath was no quitter. Quite the contrary, she'd dare say she was the strongest woman walking the planet! Even with sweat dripping down her body, she wouldn't yield. She had a battle to win, her sisters were counting on her and more importantly...she was angry, more so then usual. She hated loosing and being made to look like a fool. One could say she even des
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