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  1. Granted yet (like your previous answer) there is no one to love I wish that the website could go back to its old level of popularity and activity (forum games and old conversations with people that aren't active anymore (including mine often). I still remember competitions with Nyxl, Exorul Rolvan, Wysch, nattjo99, Ayy-Knigm, Ro, Aqil Syahiran, and MissMalleto where we completed multiple forum games (bomb countdown with punishment, count to #, etc.) and had random posts just to up the post count (hence why many of us (except slightlyaboveaveragejoe who got almost all of them in the new we
  2. Again, the use of Alright (especially at 3:32) OutKast - Hey Ya!
  3. Yes, we've had a discord server for a while now. Here's the link: https://discordapp.com/invite/Dup7uKD
  4. Hello and welcome to the community Malleto. Did you do some of the roleplay stories back in the old website? Asking because I feel like that's what I remember you from (my old username was Car1992).
  5. Pomerschen


    Well, Hello and welcome to the community. Nice to meet you. What is it that confuses you about the website?
  6. Same here, but I just thought it was a weird thing with my internet connection
  7. Hello and welcome to the community!
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