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  1. For a long time I've felt like I've had a huge weight on my shoulders from all the pressure of work and school and my relationship and my household put I also have to make sure i'm okay and I just can't anymore. getting into year 11 everything just gone out the window and I can't even put into the words. Everything is just piling on top of me and I just start feeling like i'm drowning but I can't stop or take a break or it'll keep piling up and the feeling gets bigger and my stress gets bigger and I just wanna stop and throw up but also cry and scream and It doesn't help that my PTSD (Differen
  2. You should try showing her rwby from volume 1-5 is on youtube the 6th season is on the rooster website and it's really good i'd recommend it to anyone. haikyuu and k-on.
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