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  1. Lady's and Gentlemen of the court, I rest my case.
  2. Hello Static and Joe, I am troubled in my mind today and I seek your advice. I feel as if I am alone in this world. No matter what I say or what I do I feel like I am wrong. I feel people don't understand me, and don't want to understand me. Because people are angry at me due to my past or just my sense of who I am as a person. There is technically no correct answer to my problem but I know I have friends but sometimes I cant even tell who is actually my friend. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me with this dilemma. Sincerely, Lord Francium
  3. Hello this is my day 3 submission it is a bit more informal then my first two submissions but still I hope you enjoy the read. and as always constructive criticism is most appreciated. Liam (aka Lord_Francium or Ac1d) Bait 363 words 2/3/XX: Today is like the last chasing after something I will never reach. I was led like a cat with one of those toys floofy balls, except in my conundrum I am never even able to touch the ball. I am a journalist always on the chase except my chases are local tabloids. It's not bad by any means but I want more for myself something bigger. But for now, I guess ill work on my article for local cute cats, goodnight. 17/5/XX: Hey sorry I haven't been available for a chat as often, things have been busy. I have landed a job at [DATA EXPUNGED] this has been hectic but I feel that thrill I always wanted. Like the other day, I was on-site reporting a protest in the downtown area. The lights the noise the environment was pulling me in and I felt alive. But I do miss having free time and being able to rest my eyes, and maybe read a good light novel. But anyways talk to you later. 22/9/XX: Hey I feel like I'm breaking. I have gotten everything I have wanted, but all my friends are leaving or becoming distant. Even some of my family members have given me a cold shoulder. You won't leave me, right? Well, either way, I am moving up in my job which means I get to do more exciting stories. But anyways have a good day, I have to go back to work. 15/11/XX: Hey I need a bit of advice. Should I continue moving up in my current job, or should I quit and work for a smaller company? On the one hand, I love the thrill of chasing a big story. But on the other, I am so tired and stressed some days I call in sick so I can just lay in bed all day. Not to mention how I have barely any friends anymore, and family interaction feels cold. This tears my mind and hurts, even more, to come to an empty home. So what do you think I should do? --End File--
  4. Hello everyone, this is my day 2 submission for inktober. It is a bit shorter then yesterday's submission but still a great read. and as always all feedback would be most appreciated. (edit: I cant change this formatting for some reason so sorry if the spacing between paragraphs are awkward.) Liam (aka Ac1d or Lord_Francium) Mindless 176 words When things come to my mind they never are quite sound. Because sometimes I hear sounds from within. These voices that tell me to do atrocities come out and shout. But in my own sublime, I hold them back. These voices scream from my apartment halls but I just sigh and carry on. My name is Jack just your average bloke, besides the fact, my mind is hurt. It's not always been this way you know. In the olden days, I enjoyed the snow. I quite liked that peace, but ever since the incident things have been quite different. I feel slightly dizzy and always so busy. There's a slight buzzing and a little bit of humming. But the one thing that bugs me is the voices that keep coming. Even though this situation seems quite grave, there will always be another day. There is a light though small shines a little brighter each passing day. I know I can escape this pain, and soldier on to a brighter day.
  5. THIS IS NOT MY ART. I was asked by Crux#9565 to post it on here for him. this is his day 1 submission for Rings.
  6. This is my short story for day 1 Rings. any constructive criticism or advice would be most appreciated. Liam (aka Ac1d) 272 words Rings By: Ac1d This sad and dreary sight brings back memories of a distant past thats seared into my mind. I remember the days in my grandma’s back yard when I used to play with my cousin, she would always say I need to find a girl and put a ring on her. Now that I look back on it this advice is awful. The woman I put a ring on ensnared me into a whirlpool of hatred. This woman is of lackadaisical nature and is quite unsound of mind. She trapped me in her ring of lies that entangles me on my finger. She will say she loves you, but only for her heart to turn towards other men. Even if you dare speak up against this tyranny she will threaten you with ignominy beyond belief. Though I suppose im not as innocent as most would like to believe. I feel as if I just want to float among the heavens and ascend into the cosmos. When I was young that was all I wanted to do, I just wanted to see those heavenly rings. Fly through the heart of Saturn and drift past the sleek but dark emptiness of Uranus. All I want to do is break this ring of pain, and explore these heavenly rings I see so often in my dreams. For now though as I sit on my mound, and look at what little starlight I can see. I am at peace and feel like I can almost sleep. Maybe return to traveling the cosmos like I did when I was young.
  7. Lord Francium- Hello this is my first time writing a concern so yeah. I have High functioning autism and I've learned to manage it for the most part. But I feel sort of lesser than human by other people because I'm to weird to be considered normal but to normal to be considered autistic. So what happens is I feel like I can never keep my friends for long and that what will eventually happen is that I will become alone. That is my concern today.
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