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  2. ahhh I'm so sorry Chicken and Joe Joe. ^^ I hope yall are doing very well. Things been going well for you Chicken? School nearing the end for you yea?
  3. Hey Science! First things first! Congrats! You are learning . Very proud of you. You are seeing improvement in yourself. Second thing is this, you don't have to be anything yet. You are enough. Now, then, and in the future. Who you are is always enough. However, the you were yesterday isn't the same you you are today. We are always changing. Growing and learning. People around us are constantly changing with us. We act off them and they off us. We all hit road blocks. Sometimes it is harder for us to reach inside of ourselves and take care of another person. Sometimes, we just aren't s
  4. Hey Joe Joe! I kinda wanted to offer a little something with this. When those that don't want help resist those that like to offer it, best thing to do is to change your approach. Sometimes, just talking to them as a friend can actually be enough. Speaking about your own problems can also give them a sense of ease. Like, hey this person obviously has been through things too...maybe I can open up a little more to them. Often times those reaching out don't even want advice. They long for a connection. Someone to walk through their problems with them. The best thing that can happen through
  5. Don't let cats hear you say that lol. Her be devasted. But my cats are my babies. So no can do haha. And mine are usually 5 minute intervals. I Have a little ocd thing with numbers. Not the best thing in the world for making alarms
  6. Lol saaaaaame. I have to switch up the intervals of when they go off all the time just to keep me on my toes and lord help me if a cat is sleeping on my phone (which has happened numerous times).
  7. I have to set like 6 alarms just to make sure I'm moving at the pace i need to be hate it soooo much lol Hope you are doing well chicken
  8. The most important thing you can do, at this time, is to stop lying as much as possible. Lying only accomplishes one thing, and that's making things harder and more difficult for yourself and those around you. Staying true to yourself and others is most important. I understand that it can be difficult. It's easier to try and be someone else and have that person be disliked than to be who you really are and have someone dislike the real you. The thing is, that isn't what is important. You are who you are. People will either love you or just move on away from you. No one's opinion matters over y
  9. I sooooo forgot to DM you think link sorry haha And your version of normal seems to be pretty consistent with most people nowadays. Don't worry so much about the"normalcy". My PTSD prevents me from a lot of things. Reaching out in networks such as this helps. I think you are fine. So no worries yea? ~Keaton
  10. I feel tainted...I've been divorced, I have a child, I am a walking paraplegic...I'm just broken and a mess. But, I'm sure of myself and know how much I'm worth. and yet i still feel like i'm never going to be good enough. Who would want a single mom who can barely walk? Who would want a woman that let herself be literally beaten and degraded? Who would want to be around someone like that? I have severe ptsd... I've finally gotten my panic attacks under control so that's a victory. But I can't even begin to explain the helplessness I feel at times. I feel so utterly useless. I can't play with
  11. Well I do suppose avoiding them COULD be a solution. However, I personally, think that avoidance just makes things more difficult for both parties in the long run. Leaves things too open ended. Closure is something we all desire. Good or bad we all desire an ending or at least a final answer. If you are confused, outright asking could be helpful. Though I kind of assume you have already done so with your wording. Sometimes just telling them that you are at your limit. You have tried everything that YOU know how to do to try and understand them and how they are feeling but NOTHING is work
  12. Alrighty then. Well you have seen some pretty good ones. That's good at least. It's really cute that you and your sister are bonding over anime though. I got my little sister to watch with me growing up some. Now i do so with my little (as you know). I'm not entirely sure where your mother's logic comes into play, but my mother was the same when I was growing up. Just keep at what you enjoy when it comes to such things. I'll dm you a link to one of my accounts so you can browse through what I've seen and such. You can ask me anything you are curious about if you'd like to as well. Do w
  13. I think reaching out like you do is a good way to try and make it through these moments. I see many people reach out to you to try and be there for you. That means you are worth it to them. We don't have to be strong all the time. We can be weak. We can be lost. We can feel hurt and afraid. During those times it's okay to rely on people. Let those people help you. I see you fighting people when the reach out to you...which I can understand. It's hard to see positive when so much negative is going on. Let those people lead you to a brighter future. Let those people be strong FOR YOU. Let those
  14. I am going through that personally. I want to reach out to someone but I am too afraid to do so. Also online too. I am overthinking things...and I'm not sure how to go about even approaching him or the subject whatsoever. I've been out of the game for awhile. I'm really awkward and I doubt myself far more than I wish to admit. So while I really wish I could give you the comfort of this feeling passing, it really doesn't. We all go through bouts of obsessive behaviors. What's more, is that attachment issues are fairly normal as well. The anxiety you feel is most likely WHY the issues are
  15. The Devil is a Part-Timer is fantastic. 10/10. And yes. Fate has a few good ones. I've only seen a little bit though. You should send me a list of some of things you've seen and I'll see if I have any suggestions for you and your sister! Sorry for the short and late reply. I hope you are doing very well! ~Keaton
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