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  1. Should i join? O w o; I feel too lazy-- I MEAN BUSY WITH COMMISSIONS ATM. O w O;
  2. Laziness is the aspect where everything is a convenience Do you think it will be convenient to be in a mess in a first place? -Kanesaki
  3. Killer Queen has already touched the group's luggage
  4. this is an episode about an idol and a seaweed agent
  5. Being an inventor as well, i think he can make a lot of money perhaps already made a lot of money to even afford his own cabin by the lake
  6. Kanesaki being a supervisor means that he is just a place holder of the spot...kinda like a "needs to be there for the purpose of being there" so he can still do a lot of things he wants to do...its not that he's a regular teacher anyway. If he was a regular...he'd be teaching civil engineering or mathematics.
  7. Who knows...maybe its under the table beside the table or hidden in plain sight
  8. The teacher can leave whenever he wanted to...but he didn't... Can it be that he noticed something??
  9. My character might be an inventor...but do you really think he can acquire such contraband items easily? most of which are not allowed in any venues that has a lot of people...
  10. My character might be supervising lazily, but that is no motive to bomb the idol group. He accepted the job cause he was forced by his little sister friends with one of the idol group members. Past job: Inventor Employer: Unknown
  11. You think a genius trusts friends easily? Well the answer is simple, the person only trusts 50% of a friend. So to further ask a question to your question. Do you think a genius will not notice any difference in the mass of the baggage before and after the bomb was placed? Besides, the last line of security is the Teacher before they even go to the venue...so the bomb should be planted after they have arrived the venue and before the event starts.
  12. So you are saying...D.D. is Sherlock Homes and my character is James Moriarty?
  13. Arisu is **-clears throat** Juugemu Juugemu gokonosurikire kaijarisugyomatsu unraimatsu fuuraimatsu kunerutokoroni sumutokoro yaburakoji barakoji paipopaipono shuurindai shuurindai guurindaino guurindai no ponpokopino ponpokonano chokyumei no chousuke
  14. No not me, my character may be a genius but not a terrorist.
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