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  1. I didn't exactly know where to put this post, but I guess it's basically a re-introduction. I haven't been on in a while as I've been figuring things out. Turns out, I'm FtM trans! I am still finding it hard to even accept that fact about myself because, well, denial is a thing. Thanks for looking at this. Hopefully I'll become investing in this website yet again~!
  2. If anyone wants to friend me on Roblox, here's my profile. https://www.roblox.com/users/142782287/profile
  3. I got asked out last night. I said yes. I now have my first boyfriend. He's very sweet and likes the same things that I do. We have a date next week- what should I do?
  4. Anyone play Roblox? Or Terraria (multplayer would work best, I think XD)?
  5. Okay, the link actually doesn’t work. Here’s a valid link. https://wn.nr/KndJ4U
  6. I’m currently entered in the contest and am also on vacation so all I could do was a one-pointer (aka I’m using my phone and it’s not being very nice). I’m just asking anyone who feels like it to please help me out until I get home on the tenth. Thanks! https://wn.nr/nNXhYg
  7. The website WAS down! I was very confused when I could no longer access it.
  8. I just started having a coughing attack as I pressed submit. Now my eyes are watery and my throat feels really great. Anyone else ever get coughing attacks or is it just me?
  9. XD I finally drew three characters for the manga that I am planning on writing and drawing at least one chapter of this summer! Thy're first drafts, but I like the character design. I spent over two hours on them XD Ignore the terrible lighting.
  10. Woo! I have nothing else to say, but @Sena gave me the gift of fellow otakus. (Google is telling me that otaku is not a word and it wants me to say outtake instead XD) ~Chicken
  11. Nice! Those look really nice! Wow, okay, clearly I have a large vocabulary as I keep saying "nice". Whatever, hopefully you get the point. ~Chicken
  12. Clearly, as I had from three to whenever. ~Chicken
  13. Kitsu is amazing. Thanks for introducing me to it ^.^ ~Chicken
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