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  1. Cwilk

    Tails drawing

    I don't post a lot of my drawings here, but this one is slightly more special because it's the first piece I've been really proud of in a while. Many of my characters so far haven't looked that... alive if that makes sense. But this Tails came out really well bc you can see actual believable soul in his eyes, it's nice.
  2. Hey person from the future stumbling upon this I didn't feel like keeping this forum post around, and I'm not currently quite sure how to delete a topic hahah, so I instead edited it. Signed, Matt
  3. Aw thank you! this is quite a late reply, but compliments like these motivate me to do more, so it means a lot ^~^
  4. Cwilk


    Good pieces of advice! Will definitely take them into account when writing more music. I'm not sure what atmosphere I wanted to go for myself to be perfectly honest. Maybe comforting but not necessarily chill? That was more the intent of the lyrics though. I'm very glad to hear you liked the transition, I don't think I'm too good at those haha. Tysm for the feedback :D
  5. Hiii everyone~! I really should visit your streams more often, I've missed the atmosphere of DWW, and I feel kind of guilty that I'm mainly only on streams with my own topics. Anyway, what pushed me to write to you this time is a simple need for expression. Life is spiralling into an uncontrollable mess for me, and I hope that writing my problems out and getting your perspective will help me to get a handle on it all. So. Mainly, it's stress. More importantly, a very prolonged sense of stress about unenjoyable obligations. Let's break it down: 1) I have a school assignme
  6. Hey everyone! I haven't been here in a little while, 3 months to be exact, so I'm really sorry about that. And for the most part - it's because I've been doing really well in my life. I got out of a long-term patch of depression, and I got a drawing tablet! It may seem like a small thing, but this is an escalation in my art career that I had been waiting for for a good four years. Now if you don't know, for a while now, my dream has been to become a YouTuber, especially a YouTube animator, and that's my main reason for wanting to improve my art so badly. So in terms of my big goal
  7. Whoo! I finally finished a song I've been working on for quite a while. I hope you all enjoy ;D -Matt Cwilk_-_Snowing_on_Satellites.mp3
  8. Hello hello! I hope you're all having a good evening. This is gonna be a longer one, I hope that's okay with you. I'm going to talk about a couple things on my mind recently. I want to preface this by saying that right now, I feel fine and even good about this topic. But as I think more and more deeply about it, the more it seems like this might actually be an underlying issue with a lot of my current troubles. And hey, an outside perspective might be the exact thing I need right now. The long and short of it is that I feel... lonely, I guess. And for me, this wasn't always a bad th
  9. Hey all! If you can't tell by the title, this story was originally written for the three-day writing contest about one of the seven virtues. I chose perseverance. Evidently though, I couldn't finish the story in time. And I don't mind at all, truly. But I still wanted to finish the story. So without further ado, enjoy my (quite long) short story. Might take up to 30 minutes to read it. Here's the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bJRvZq5VcdcItMRUUvepr-FOgAV-kX4cFF-ZHEXcqpg/edit?usp=drivesdk It's admittedly a tad rushed. I sincerely hope you enjoy it regardless.
  10. This is very relatable to me, holy hell. As in, one of my main hobbies is writing, and about two years back I joined a Discord server for poetry (that's where I initially got the spark). And I' admit I'm not even where you are; the only recognition I got was, like, every two or three poems someone would say something about it. But even those small compliments felt great, and it was enough for me to specifically 'cater' some poems to them so that I looked more impressive to people in this server. I tried wordplay and rhymes over actual personal meaning. But something I realized and I think
  11. Heya! This one might go into a bit more serious territory personally. But what I want to talk about is the anxiety I have created myself, more specifically by over-pressuring myself. You see, I've wanted to become a YouTuber for a while now. It just seems like an amazing outlet for someone like me, who enjoys telling stories through all mediums of art. I can upload music, I can animate stories, I can talk about my passions and share my thoughts. And it's possible to make a living off of it! How cool would that be! But it's faaar from a guaranteed career path. And that's really
  12. I absolutely resonated with this topic, Snow. I have had experience with feeling empty while playing video games, for example. For me it was always that I felt lonely while doing it, so for me YouTube videos definitely helped, because it's more about human feelings and interaction. I am just throwing out ideas, but another explanation might be that you spend your time a little too passively, what with school seeming boring and I'm guessing not too challenging. Maybe pick up some new hobby or way to be productive. Productivity doesn't have to be scary, and another way to feel more active
  13. I'm a storyteller. You can call me a writer, an artist, a (very) amateur musician, and you wouldn't be wrong, but first and foremost, I'm a storyteller. After all, my main reason behind dabbling in so many forms of art is that they're great ways to tell stories. Want an appealing character? Making the character design look appealing can get you halfway there. Want to increase the emotional impact of a moment? Write a climactic song for that moment. Etc, etc. One of my dreams is to one day make an animated movie or a video game, where I could fully squeeze and streamline all of my creativ
  14. So I decided to make a parody of "Sugar-Popped Sunshine" as a joke, and actually got really invested in trying to make it good. Enjoy "Salt-Fizzled Moonlight' Goodbye everyday life It's a dark rainy night You've been awake a little while I'd like to tuck you with a rhyme Lie down! Now, grab a cup of milk, snug up, 'cause no one knows what this night dreams up Yes, your dreams are just storybooks not explored But I know that you're not yet tired Rest, my dear. The real world can wait It's so dismal that we are asleep Below the salt-fizzled moonlight We ar
  15. So I've been way more active in social groups since the last post I did on online friends, but I'm still facing a couple problems. Honestly as I'm writing this it sounds like a pretty dumb problem to have, but there are moments when I'm genuinely perplexed by this, so I'm just gonna write it out. You see, I'm a big fan of sincerity, and sincere relationships. Lately I've joined a couple Discord servers, but the problem I have there, is that people tend to be more performative and careful about what they say, and not nearly everyone is as ready to share as I am. I don't know, it's not a bi
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