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  1. These are all Characters for a new script I am writing for my YouTube channel!
  2. Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I have been able to write on here. Just so you know this might be a little all over the place but then again so am I. I have been busy with work as well as setting up for my own business! I am almost done getting things set up for a proper art studio. I now have an Etsy page but I don't have a lot on it right now except for my coasters and candle holders. I have also gotten commissioned for a few drawings for other VA ASMR artists. I haven't had time to work on my YouTube channel but I am slowly getting back into it. I also recently have started pr
  3. Hey folks hope you all have been well. I have been quarantined with my family since last week because two of my siblings tested positive for COVID. Today we got a call and me and another one of my siblings have tested positive. So we will be quarantined for another 10 days. They didn't have the test results for my dad, mom, or my youngest brother Skylar but my mom has been showing the symptoms for a while now and we are thinking the reason my dad's back is acting up worse than normal is because he has it as well. So we are just assuming at this point that everyone in our family has i
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't been sleeping well at all, so I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes or if something isn't making any sense. There is no question here .just a rant I guess you could say, sorry for how long this is. After Thanksgiving break I went back to my job at NDP and even though I didn't get enough rest and was almost late, I went in and tried my best to have a good attitude. Well as soon as I got to work the air felt heavy and not cheerful at all. The only person who seemed cheerful at all was a lady who I actually enjoy working with because she doesn't tre
  5. Hello everyone! It has been a while since I wrote on here. A lot has happened for one I have started a new job at a pizza place called (NDP)"Next Door Pizza". So far it's going good and the pay is good, but I really miss working at (ENT)Eats-N-Treats and it sucks that it is not open during the winter. I have been trying not to compare NDP to ENT but it is so hard because at NDP I feel so out of place and it doesn't feel like a family unit, unlike at ENT. Also at NDP I always feel talked down to and I don't really feel equal or welcome, when I know that isn't true. I feel like that is my anxiet
  6. Hey everyone I first want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my family during this difficult time. As you all know my uncle recently passed away. I would like to explain to everyone what happened as I need to get this off my chest so that I can come to terms with everything and I am sorry in advanced of how long this is. A few months ago my uncle was diagnosed with Farmer's lung, which is basically a type of pneumonia that you can't get rid of and is terminal, the doctors gave my uncle only 2-3 years to live. Eventually my uncle would have ended up being bed ridden a
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well in quarantine. This past month I have been working on getting my frames together for my art work. Honestly though it feels like a waste of time now since there is no art show in a live gallery. I now have to take pictures of my art work and put it up online. What's worse, and that just yesterday, my professors finally just emailed me all at once on what is happening for my senior art show and for choir. I am annoyed because I have an 8 page paper to write for my artist Thesis/philosophy and it is due May 11. However my artist statement
  8. Recently I have been doing a lot of art. More than I usually would do and I am starting to get sick of it just a little bit and after painting for so long my energy is just drained. My dad recently took the business off of buisman because no one was wanting to buy it and only wanting to rent it. So what my parents have decided is until I get my own place, I can use the carwash office as my art studio. All we need to do is clean out the stuff from the garage sale and I just have to help pay for electricity and water. I recently posted some of the art I have done here on the sight, some of it be
  9. Artist22

    Art galore

    Here are some of my senior capstone flowers I have done and then a few other art works as well.
  10. Hey guys so this is sort of a rant and I just need to get this off of my chest. I am sorry if this is so long. Recently I had my senior capstone review. I had to give my artist statement and show them the work I have been doing. One art piece in particular that I have more work to do on, is my favorite! The colors are bright and it feels tropical and so happy. But the one thing the professors said was that it seemed to be an outlire because there were some harsher lines in the art work than my other ones. My artist statement is about how flowers can be connected with emotions besides th
  11. A friend of mine on my discord hasn't been on in a while and I had thought that perhaps she was just busy with school and focusing on her studies. Well recently she messaged me and had me talk to her privately. She had attempted suicide and I was the first one she trusted to tell me about what she had tried to do. I had sat there in shock for moment and didn't have any words to say and when she repeated again, I had told her I heard her and I just let her talk. Apparently she had been dealing with problems with some really bad friends along with her ex and family members. She felt like she had
  12. The winter painted records is for the Frosty Frolic in my town. It's where small business and crafters sell their work. The Patriotic watercolor painting is for my friend's parents since her dad is in the Navy and their house recently burnt down. Also I need ideas for the painted records for the frost frolic.
  13. It was called Musically but then it was changed to TikTok. it's basically an updated version of Vine.
  14. Hello it has been awhile and a lot has happened.I hope you are all doing well! The Fling Thing went well and I sold $300 worth of art work and I will be going to the Frosty Frolic, which is like the Fling Thing but more Christmas themed. AJ and I have disbanded, we are not using the term broken up because we are still close friends. But this has been weighing on both of our minds since we found out about my dad not liking interracial couples and last night we talked about it and we agreed that we didn't know when we would meet and that anything could happen in between the time we are dating an
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