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  1. Quick note, I somehow got Rewind's key wrong - the chord progression in the clip is correct but it is in A minor, not D minor.
  2. Thank you very much @BravoCube, I most definitely will ^^
  3. My contribution to BSS's 3 day challenge part 1 - a story of virtue. This isn't particularly my genre but I tried! 3 day challange part 1 Virtue story.rtf
  4. Haha, @Xenos I had the exact same idea https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AIRHxfqzz27UG-3tKahI8XYcmE7SpbePEP0TW28GL3g/edit#slide=id.p Let's work together~ Good to have you on the team o7
  5. Hi @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I know we haven't talked much before but I'd like to introduce myself as a composer. I would be in my finals in school (studying music, drama and maths) if not for the pandemic at the moment, and I will be going on to study composition at university. I specialise in orchestral composition, especially that which evokes emotion, but I have dabbled in rock, metal and electronica. I have a grade 8 musical theatre qualification and have sung in choirs, as well as have been playing piano for a long time. I hope that we get the chance to work on something together !
  6. I'm going to study music and composition at university and I never could have made that decision without this community. Thank you all. https://soundcloud.com/jonno-taylor-856098258/tracks And here is a work in progress I haven't uploaded anywhere yet. Low_tension.mp3
  7. Thanks for typing this out @Mygary. Really made me smile It's all about looking forwards but I'm still just confused as heck ^^
  8. I'm sure that everyone is suffering from this in some way, shape, or form so hopefully everyone can take something from this. I am in my final year of school, and I was going to take my finals in a few months in order to get into university. Obviously exams have been cancelled and students in England are being awarded qualifications by their teachers based on what they think we could achieve, but I am in a very fortunate position to have unconditional offers from universities, so essentially I don't have to worry about my grades at all. That being said, I am from a very hard working family and I try to be as hard a worker as I can be. I have spent a lot of time studying for my upcoming finals and have become extremely invested in the course material and various different parts of school. While many young people rejoice the lack of pressures over the rest of the upcoming academic year, I am becoming increasingly uneasy. As my finals have been cancelled and I'm going to university next year, I don't really have to do anything until then. Which means basically I have free time for six months. Clearly this has its bright sides and there are an enormous number of things I want to get done and skills I want to develop and I will need to work hard to keep my productivity up during this period and not let it go to waste, because it's honestly a one in a lifetime opportunity of this scale, however I need closure for my school work. What I mean is I've spent so much time and work and tears striving towards an A* in maths by thoroughly learning the syllabus, an A in music by studying all forty nine set works, etc, that it feels completely wrong to stop now. I can't let everything I've learned just fade away in the back of my head but there's no point even looking at it now. It's all left unfinished like a masterpiece I worked on for two years then had to abandon without even wanting to. It feels completely surreal, like it's all part of a big dream and I'll wake up and go back to school again. It keeps occurring to me, one by one, that I've had my last of everything at that school. Last spontaneous meeting in the drama studio with the whole school drama department to mess around at lunch time, last assembly we're all sarcastic about because none of the students care about them, last time pulling my hair out in the library when I can't wrap my head around something for hours on end, last time acting more friendly with the teachers than I should get away with as a student, last time playing the grand piano in the main hall during free periods when it's empty, last time singing in the school choir, trying to sing the soprano part with the other tenors and laughing about menial things like a piece of sweetcorn on the floor, last time seeing my friends. The school just started a boxing club and I only attended one session. It really scares me, because I haven't even missed a single day of school yet because of it, this coming Monday will be the first big change in rota for me and my body clock is already confused. I have put more time into my creative hobbies over the weekend and I'm already mentally exhausted yet I'm painfully aware of not studying my school syllabus. It's just gone. There's a massive, enormous gap in my life left from my fourteen years of school education brought to an untimely end. I'm freaking out. I'm confused and scared and anxious. I'm slightly angry, but more so sad. I don't know how to cope with leaving it all unfinished. I got emotional typing this out. Thanks.
  9. @RositheCat The bomber's eye colour at the start of the video is red#F34332 specifically but this is an unimportant detail 40121 somehow represents the word "Nori" and is a bit of a red herring - encoding words in other characters is something Static P has done before - such as the code on the briefcase seen in the background of Dream On on the right If you look up Sakuragawa on Google maps, Criminal Idol doesn't take place there - it takes place in another area called Sakuragawa inside the Aomori prefecture You are correct about Hareka - what's more, she is listening in. Suspicious? The upside down man is a red herring. I've put all of my findings in here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AIRHxfqzz27UG-3tKahI8XYcmE7SpbePEP0TW28GL3g/edit I replied to your earlier messages too. I hope this helps.
  10. Wow, you've put a lot of time into this ^^ - but all I can say is that in Stay Calm, Nori says "I saw the news in jail, someone bombed their stage" so he was already in jail at the time of the bombing. And yes, DD and Kanesaki both know more than they're letting on. Ponder this - in Bad News (told from Hareka's perspective) Nori is unambiguously the good guy, and yet when DD visits him in jail, (from his own perspective) Nori is the antagonist... Right? And a fun fact, Kanesaki's sister is called Akane
  11. @itsyaboi @Mygary Thanks for tagging me Gary. Time for a quick music lesson - a trick Static P uses a lot in his music is chromatic descent, ie. the bassline moves down by semitones. Try listening to "Rewind" which is the opening to the show Chronexia and the Eight Seals that Static P wrote - that is completely full of it, as I have highlighted here: Rewind chord demonstration.mp3 A Reason for Suffering does almost exactly the same thing except slightly more complicated. I have picked out the chords on the piano and they follow: Cm G7 Bb Adim Ab Cm/G Cdim/Gb Ab then G ^ I've put the last two chords on the same line because they have half the duration so they both pass during the time of a single one of all the other chords ^ Reason For Suffering chord demonstration.mp3 The inverted chords give the bassline that Chromatic descent sound. A Reason for Suffering is in Cm and the only complication is that except instead of moving down to B then Bb, it goes to G then Bb. Reason For Suffering chord demonstration with bass.mp3 TLDR: Bassline goes like C G Bb A Ab G Gb Ab G Hope this helps.
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