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  1. I wouldn't mind entering!! Here's some art I've been up to lately! This piece was way outta my comfort zone cuz 1, I don't usually do humans, 2 I almost never practice with shading.
  2. Just a cover duet I did with another Youtuber. would love any and all feedback. https://soundcloud.com/user-635308277/i-will-be-there-feat
  3. Ayyy!!! You should message me on hangouts (Livelovefurries@gmail.com) or messenger (Kaela Melius) !!

  4. oOo ONLY ONE OF THE BEST K-POP BANDS THERE IS!! My favorite song they've done is Lucifur and the music video/dance for the song is SOOOOO cool! Go check it out!
  5. Welcoooooome!!! It's so great to so new people here! What kinda stuff are you into? Anime? Writing? Art? Please, tell us more about yourself!!
  6. AIGHT! BTS and SHINee, am I right?
  7. What do you use for the color? Watercolor?
  8. Alright! Here's my submission for Spell. I drew my favorite pony, Luna, in an anthro form.
  9. This is SERIOUSLY awesome!!! Your honestly my favorite artist! Your art just inspires me to keep drawing, because my dream is to someday be as good as you.
  10. UUUUH I have no idea but... Don't Moan Monday (Idk ok...?) Don't Tear Up Tuesday Don't Worry Wednesday (Why change it?) Don't Think Thursday Don't Freak Out Friday (My favorite) Don't Sulk Saturday Don't Be Sad Sunday
  11. Hello everyone!!! My name is Kaela, I'm just a bisexual lil dweeb who loves Furries, Anime, FNaF, and of course, Static-P. I REALLY love to sing, write, and above all, DRAW. I draw anime, furries, FNaF and.... well that's about it, actually. My main music interest right now consists mostly of K-pop (Mostly BTS and SHINee) and obviously lots of Static-P! I was born in Sacramento California on October 1st, 2003. I am ALWAYS open to new friends, so feel free to PM me whenever, I don't bite! ^^
  12. So... I really need to get back into watching Anime again, I already plan to start Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, and Dance of the Vampire Bund. What other animes would you guys recommend I start watching/cosplaying?
  13. AAUGH I've attempted like, 4 different pieces for this and NONE of them are good enooough!! Ugh.... I think I'm stuck in an artist's block...
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