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  1. Oh boy, that new song sent me for quite the ride. Gotta say nori turned around on me, from bad news he seemed nice and wanting to help the star blush girls, but now NOri is in jail for kidnapping one of them??? I think??? This is crazy. Obviously this songs takes place before most of the episodes as he states he saw the bomb go off on stage form the tv in jail. The tory is slowly coming together, you guys think Nori had someone on the outside plant the bomb fr revenge of him being in jail?
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  3. How does one gain Rank? sorry, still learning the kinks here, im used to using amino for community stuff!

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      You gain ranks by being active on this forum; posting in a thread and stuffs.

  4. Hello! I am FireWire, a name i made up when i was seven and incorrectly spelled Fireboy (how'd that happen, dont know but its stuck for 8 years now). I came across Static-P from listening to my YouTube Anime SCB playlist (ima weeb yes i know) and the song "its not like i like you" popped up. I became infatuated with the song and listened to it constantly, then went over to Satic's page and listened to ll those songs and became infatuated with the Criminal Idol series (I AM EAGERLY AWAITING MORE). Some things to know about meh..... My Favorite Static Songs Sky Lanterns When the
  5. How does one make a bio on here, or a bio post (Sorry, im new, lol)
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