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  1. not much anymore. that and because i'm still using my software on demo i can't really collab at all. tis sad
  2. I'd say i'm a vocalist, sadly however I don't have any more recording equipment than a gamer headset. i'm and electro producer too, but i haven't quite found any inspiration recently
  3. to be honest, i don't know. i haven't *actually* mastered any of my tracks
  4. i've been producing on and off for maybe two years now? i'll link quick. clyp profile this has all my tracks so far in it
  5. i've gone through two, i think. i just started work on another one, more time killer than anything
  6. aye, it did have an awkward start. i do wish that i put a bit of chords in the drop portions, but oh well
  7. hello! I'm Twig! You're slightly insane, very active shark jumper. nice of you to join us!
  8. I mean, the genius teacher is the one with the most means and skill to pull it off. however, he almost seems too obvious for a detective story...
  9. Wowza. you made me use a capital letter, impressive.
  10. fair enough. i myself have thought on that before
  11. Welcome! It was starting to get lonely here!
  12. @Lolapop Welcome! Why don't you pop into a chat or two? Hang out a bit, have fun!
  13. @zadeb1 Welcome to our little slice of lunacy! Chat, hang out, just enjoy your stay!
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