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  1. I would like to say, I am team Pluto as a planet.
  2. Have you ever tried to say goodbye, you know a solid goodbye, not a goodbye world. But a goodbye, gonna see you again. Over time we as humans says goodbye alot, to family when leaving home, friends when we seperate, collegues when work is done, fellow students after school, animals when they are going to the farm, guests and shoppers who visit the stores. Becouse overtime people gets to a custom to say goodbye, cioa, farvel, see you later, bye bye, now leave my plain lousy kids, thanks for dropping bye, get safe home, etc... so they lose meaning. I have come to point in life w
  3. I got a busy weekend, so the text is not sat up great, but here is a story of hope, desire, and effect of finding joy. Horror story must be another day. Life Dance.docx
  4. Again time of horror, is soon upon us. A moment in time where each fight their own battle, no matter what they believe in, or lack there off. It is a time where all get the grim reminder of, that we are not totally alone. It is a time some wait all year for, while others gentle ignore it, or feel the pressure from it. It is a time where few can feel safe for everyone tries to make the perfect evening. This year another set of friends has accepting me under their roof. For the occasion. Which I feel blessed for. Yet that just makes another problem. What shall I do for my mot
  5. I will say keep doing what you do, if you feel safe and problem free about it. Becouse if you starting doing as your dad, and borrow here and there, goes around and feel bad about it, then no excuse can make what you do right, a bad feeling is a bad feeling. So if you do what feels right, then keep doing that so long you are not breaking the laws or any rule. :3
  6. So you can not increase the things to improve on on different days? So improve 1 thing Monday another thing Tuesday and a third thing Wednesday?
  7. Called Ducklings Very New Leader
  8. How do I get rid of my fear for starting in a new job? So background info to understand the question. Back in January of this year, I left my job, after walking way to close to the line of going down with stress. In the spring instead of starting on a new job, I shifted my focus into taking my driver license test, with top success for my hold. This held my thoughts of getting a job away, for a few months. In the beginning of this September, I started on a school course, to dust off my Waiter Skills. And we are now halfway. Part of this course is a day where apparently
  9. 1. Pizza 2. Static-P Thump's up Emoji, from the discord. 3. Jesse's Cats looking like it will leave us all behind, just to get a nother bowl of food. (Just a good fit with Jess's cat)
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