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  1. Coming out post! 

    So... I haven't been on this site in a while. I am hoping you will understand. 

    I feel more masculine, I did research on this, I am comfortable saying this.

    I am transgender

    My Trans Name is Logan. 

    I hope you guys accept me! 


  2. Hoi-

    1. slightlyaboveaveragejoe


      Heyo! I didn't even know you could post on people's walls! 

      How goes it?

    2. Jan Wallace

      Jan Wallace

      My boyfriend broke up with me...

    3. slightlyaboveaveragejoe
  3. Ayyy!!! You should message me on hangouts (Livelovefurries@gmail.com) or messenger (Kaela Melius) !!

  4. I am so sorry to hear this, I myself am dealing with the same thing. I am aware that even though I am dealing with this, you or anyone should not have to go through this... Sincerely, Jan Wallace P.S.: Stay alive, Stay alive for me ||-//
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