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  1. Ahhh, friends it's the most wonderful time of the year, with kids jingle belling. Oh wait, thats a bit later. Right now it's October, which can only mean one thing. We need to bring about the arts, the music, the writing. This year though we are going to be changing it up. The rules are the same as before, but we wanted it to be BSS style. So the topics are shown below, but the theme is Criminal Idol. I want to see you express your creativity with Criminal Idol in mind. I know that's a bit harder, but everone is getting consistently better so I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up wit
  2. Stickers you say? @Kyle @Jesse V. @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】 @J.Curtis @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】
  3. In a battle between one person who doesn't know what they are talking about and two people who don't know what they're talking about. Who knows less?
  4. Welcome back!!!! We've all been away for a while. But now is a great time to return and make new friends. Hope you're having a great day. Talk soon!
  5. Friends! The time has come to do something extraordinary. We are going to create new found adventures and wonderful worlds. That's where you come in. You have a story that needs to be told. A story of good triumphing over evil, love over hate. Starting on Friday at 12am EST and running through 12 am EST on Monday we will have a 72 hour challenge. That's 72 hours of effort and enthusiasm to create the best story you can think of. Objective: Write a short story revolving around one of the seven virtues. Purity, Self-Control, Charity, Perseverance, Patience/Forgiveness, Kindness, Humil
  6. @Hyrule Since I am new to music what are you doing with these songs? Is this like a remix of those songs, or a recomposition with a similar beat? I know the sickness one is significantly off the original. Fun stuff to listen to.
  7. @whatsupwityomamadat I'm not entirely sure that you had a question necessarily and while I hope that Joe and Ryan can give you a bit of guidance. I hope that you can read through your Bible and consider what it actually is that your concern is. If you were to take your entire statement that you have above and condense it down into a singular thought, what would that thought be? I ask this because it can be very helpful in taking the concerns that you have and answering them at least partially on your own. Before I begin, please note that I care greatly about your frustrations and difficu
  8. Polls were designed to be input into a topic. So when you create a poll you also need to creat the topic. It's a little different, but you get used to it.
  9. Is your point to have onlookers grasp on to your truths? Though, this seems contrary to your point, you've indicated "truths do not move people forward" and that time is a truth you ascribe to, but also that you are not looking for truth. Indeed, your words say that you are not looking, but what they suggest is quite the opposite. As Ryan has indicated DWW is not a forum for debate, but that does not mean you should not consider these forums a place for debate. Healthy discussion helps many people. Anyway, thanks for stopping by Somebody Important.
  10. The question is simply the same as above, I'm an accountant who helps business owners with taxes, payroll, and other issues, but in this uncertain time. What I do can make the difference between hundreds of people being without their livelihood in a couple of months, and them being successful when this disease is defeated. How do you cope with the weight of such decisions? And how do you act decisively when making them? Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
  11. Feast your eyes upon the glory that is Gross 2.0
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