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  1. Stickers you say? @Kyle @Jesse V. @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】 @J.Curtis @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】
  2. In a battle between one person who doesn't know what they are talking about and two people who don't know what they're talking about. Who knows less?
  3. Welcome back!!!! We've all been away for a while. But now is a great time to return and make new friends. Hope you're having a great day. Talk soon!
  4. Friends! The time has come to do something extraordinary. We are going to create new found adventures and wonderful worlds. That's where you come in. You have a story that needs to be told. A story of good triumphing over evil, love over hate. Starting on Friday at 12am EST and running through 12 am EST on Monday we will have a 72 hour challenge. That's 72 hours of effort and enthusiasm to create the best story you can think of. Objective: Write a short story revolving around one of the seven virtues. Purity, Self-Control, Charity, Perseverance, Patience/Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility. It can be as long or as short as you like. Reward: The greatest of these short stories will be selected by BSS to be turned into a video. We want to bring your ideas to life. Whether through music, or story telling. Show us what you've got. You will have 72 hours. Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with on the other side. Love Joseph Bohan
  5. @Hyrule Since I am new to music what are you doing with these songs? Is this like a remix of those songs, or a recomposition with a similar beat? I know the sickness one is significantly off the original. Fun stuff to listen to.
  6. @whatsupwityomamadat I'm not entirely sure that you had a question necessarily and while I hope that Joe and Ryan can give you a bit of guidance. I hope that you can read through your Bible and consider what it actually is that your concern is. If you were to take your entire statement that you have above and condense it down into a singular thought, what would that thought be? I ask this because it can be very helpful in taking the concerns that you have and answering them at least partially on your own. Before I begin, please note that I care greatly about your frustrations and difficulties as I have face a similar turmoil myself. Not just in this realm, but in others. When I had my question the other day where I asked about how to deal with having your decisions affect many other people. I spent the background of the post thinking over it and condensing it down to the main concern, which in turn allowed me a bit of time to confront my problem on my own to some extent which was very helpful. One of the things that I would try to be careful of is looking down on people who are looking down on other people. A problem with moral relativism is that we take for granted certain principles in order to make it work. In your instance it might be homosexuality, but historically it has been other things. CS Lewis makes the case that before you confront these issues you must define where you and the other person are coming from. In Mere Christianity, he makes the case that we no longer burn witches and that people have made the argument that we are more moral now than before because of it. However, we must make the determination that truthfully, humanity has not significantly changed in the moral sphere, but in the knowledge sphere. Our decision to no longer burn witches is not predicated upon the fact that we don't kill people who cast spells on people to murder them, destroy their crops, and cause disease. It is predicated upon the fact that we don't believe that witches are actually capable of doing those things. I still highly recommend that you read the book as it gives some insight into some of the things that you are discussing. Here is the actual quote: “Three hundred years ago people in England were putting witches to death. Was that what you call the 'Rule of Human Nature or Right Conduct?’ But surely the reason we do not execute witches is that we do not believe there are such things. If we did—if we really thought that there were people going about who had sold themselves to the devil and received supernatural powers from him in return and were using these powers to kill their neighbours or drive them mad or bring bad weather—surely we would all agree that if anyone deserved the death penalty, then these filthy quislings did? There is no difference of moral principle here: the difference is simply about matter of fact. It may be a great advance in knowledge not to believe in witches: there is no moral advance in not executing them when you do not think they are there. You would not call a man humane for ceasing to set mousetraps if he did so because he believed there were no mice in the house.” From here I wanted to discuss what you state about LGBTQ persons. I do want to point out that at no point should anyone be violent or attack to people who are different than them. And forcing belief systems on others is something that I think we want to rally against, especially in the Christian faith where Jesus would confront sinners, but did not try to make them believe. I think this exemplifies the rest of the Bible, in that the Bible often refers to God's wrath as simply leaving people in their sin. That sin is in and of itself its own punishment. We do need to denote the fact that there is a difference between sexual preference and race. While their are people who face similar trials to those people who were mistreated due to their race. In the end sexuality inherently involves choice. If sexuality doesn't involve choice that is generally illegal and for good reason. Are there a number of psychological and biological issues at play? Certainly. But that doesn't prevent it from being a choice. This brings us to your actual consideration of faith and sin. It is important to note you have indicated that you feel people have become overly religious and believe that their word is the word of God, which can be a very dangerous thing. However, if you believe the Bible is the word of God, then what happens when they quote it? Are God's words not his own? Can he not speak through his creations? These are things to consider as you wrestle with these ideas. Since, there may be sometimes in which you are actually having difficulty with God's word, but are projecting your problem with it on your parents. (I do not know if this is the case, but I want you to consider that some of your disagreements may actually lie with God.) To your last point about Baptists vs Catholics. It would be important that I put myself more in the first category so that proper response can be had. Primarily Protestants (Baptists or otherwise) have had issues with the Catholic Church due to its focus on rules. Thus it brings into play the idea that you have to live up to a certain level to achieve salvation. Which I think we find to be untrue. The thief on the cross being one such example. (Ironic considering your plight above is that you have your parents making the same kind of remarks about others not living to a certain standard.) This is my understanding, it is not truth, nor is it perfectly created. It is simply from what I am able to grasp about the things that I am aware. I am sure that Hailey, Joe, and Ryan could give you a number of more nuanced perspectives with details that they are more privy to. I am glad that you reach outward to find additional understanding and hope that these words help to put a different perspective on the ideas that you are faced with. Feel free to ask questions, disagree, or anything else that helps you to understand. Understanding is truly somethings that will help to bring us together. Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones.
  7. Polls were designed to be input into a topic. So when you create a poll you also need to creat the topic. It's a little different, but you get used to it.
  8. Is your point to have onlookers grasp on to your truths? Though, this seems contrary to your point, you've indicated "truths do not move people forward" and that time is a truth you ascribe to, but also that you are not looking for truth. Indeed, your words say that you are not looking, but what they suggest is quite the opposite. As Ryan has indicated DWW is not a forum for debate, but that does not mean you should not consider these forums a place for debate. Healthy discussion helps many people. Anyway, thanks for stopping by Somebody Important.
  9. The question is simply the same as above, I'm an accountant who helps business owners with taxes, payroll, and other issues, but in this uncertain time. What I do can make the difference between hundreds of people being without their livelihood in a couple of months, and them being successful when this disease is defeated. How do you cope with the weight of such decisions? And how do you act decisively when making them? Love, Joseph Bohan One of the Real Ones
  10. Feast your eyes upon the glory that is Gross 2.0
  11. Oooh, theories, theorizations. But still entirely speculation. Instead of diving into ideas about what could be withthe characters, perhaps we should focus on their words, as the Detective does. The lyrics and visuals themselves, without looking for hints, and then perhaps the culprit will appear right infront of us.
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