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  1. Yeah, been slowly working through the last 2 seasons, It comes out on oct 6th or 8th, however I'm not sure when it will be available to watch here. Also, Strike the Blood III.
  2. HighlyCorrosive


    When the Gods still walked the world and the lands were whole, there lived a great teacher with a short temper. The scholars gathered to listen to him. A young scholar who had not paid attention attracted his Ire: "Fetch me the 'snow scrolls' from the monastery at the Roof of the World," he was told. But the North was cold and the snow thick. The scholar got lost in the storm and had to seek shelter in a cave. Tired, he closed his eyes for a few heartbeats. When he opened them again, he saw strange signs on the ice walls. He took his chisel and hammered them out into thin scrolls. He travelled back. But the lands had changed and no one knew the old man that asked for a teacher who had been dead for a hundred years. And when the old man wanted to show the snow scrolls as proof of his story, they had melted; and seeing it, the old man died, too.
  3. The beginning of Identity Crisis started weird but getting on around 1 minute in it became more amiable to the point of being almost relatable to my favourite album.
  4. That's Awesome Twig! I really enjoy Twilight. It has more of a continuous sound to it rather than the mixed (random?) sounds of Abnormality. It reminds me of the music I listen to.
  5. Personally I don't find most English covers great, however my favourite would be one done by the original artist, FALILV (Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas) - Just Awake. This is the English cover of the first ED of Hunter x Hunter (2011). If you would count largely English songs, Man on a Mission - Database feat. TAKUMA. This is the OP for Log Horizon
  6. I haven't played the first series yet, but the second one I have. I can't wait to though
  7. Granted, but communication is only via phone-calls. I wish this forum was more active.
  8. 1.Mysterium 2.Codenames 3.Settlers of Catan
  9. Spending too often I infrequently perish Saving henceforth
  10. 3. Static with flowing hair
  11. 1. Owl - Patient, listens, speaks little, knowledgeable. 2. Stealthy, noiseless, shadowy, light parkour. Not Invisible. - My favourite game genre is stealth so stealth inspired such as like corvo in dishonored series, or styx in styx series, or Garrett in Thief series. not quite assassin's creed level parkour, slow parkour
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