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  2. Hey! What's up? I've seen lots of people on this forum interested in both lyric writing and singing. If anyone is interested in either or both of these things I'd be glad to work with them to produce a song. I can also cowrite, although I am not capable of writing an entire song myself. I usually produce alt pop style music (Panic!, TØP). If anyone is interested in working on a song you can either message me or reply to this thread, I'd love to work with you! Here's an instrumental to give you an idea of this kind of sound I usually do: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b2rzv35ncuteomf/Instrumental.wav?dl=0
  3. You both absolutley killed it! If you hadn't told me this was a cover I could have honestly believed it was an official cast recording. You have a beautiful low range and an amazing resonant/ringing mix/belt in your upper register, as well as a lovely vibrato.
  4. It would probably also be a significant help to be able to play the piano or acoustic guitar at a basic level, but I don't know if you have the time or money to do that.
  5. In terms of writing music, the best advice I can give is to learn some basic theory about the major & minor scales, and common chord progressions. Learning these things makes it so much easier to come up with ideas that sound good, and to figure out how write the ideas you already have. Also try singing or humming the ideas you have, this helps alot with being more confident if you want to record them later. Some common chord progressions are: C, G, Am, F (I - V - vi -IV in C major), Am, F, C, G (vi - IV - I -V in C major), Am, F, C, E (vi - IV - I -III in C Major), and F, C, G, Am (IV - I - V - vi in C major) I'm not as experienced with writing lyrics but some general tips I can give you are: Look at the lyrics of songs you like (without music) to get a feel for how they are written Free write about a topic that you want to write a song about before writing lyrics in order to organize your thoughts Start with a title for the song, because this gives you most of the information about what the song will be about Have the verses describe a situation, and the choruses describe an emotional reaction to the situation Use powerful verbs rather than strings of adjectives. Use asonance, consance, alliteration, and rhyming to make the lines sound good together Most importantly, just start writing music. Write as much as you can. It'll probably won't be very good at first, but the more experience you have the more quickly you'll improve. If you want help with writing music or lyrics you can always message me, I'd be happy to help.
  6. This kind of topic was already posted in the music club, but I'm posting it here again in case some of you haven't seen it. This is a thread is for anyone interested in collaborating to create music. I'm definitely intersted in collaborating, if anyone else is.
  7. Sorry for the very long reply
  8. @Corporeal when mastering a track a compressor is used to make the dynamic range smaller and increase perceived loudness, without actually making the track louder. Before using compression to master a track nothing should be clipping and the general loudness should be around -4db to -6db to allow room for the compression. You usually use a very low ratio and low gain with a compressor when mastering. The ratio is usually 2:1 or less and the amount of gain is 1-3db, to avoid crushing dynamics. Attack is usually around 10ms. Most of the rest of mastering is EQing wide cuts or boosts the any frequency ranges that need it, and using a limiter to make sure your track doesn’t go above 0db. When I’m mastering I mostly use my ear to figure out what sounds the best and most natural.
  9. Yeah. I'm considering writing (and maybe singing) in the future, but right now I'm just producing. If there are any singers on this forum that need a producer a I can do that.
  10. I'd definitely be interested in collaborating, if anyone else is willing to
  11. I can also help you if you're trying to learn music production
  12. So I was thinking of ways to try to get people more involved on this forum, and I thought having an event where artists or singers on this forum could submit a songs they wrote (or a cover of a song that they like) for a kind of contest. After all of the songs had been submitted, people could vote on which ones they liked the best, and there would be some kind of prize for the winner. What do you guys think of this idea?
  13. I've finished two newer trailer music style songs since I got a new computer after it being stolen. So I've posted them here!
  14. AustinJS

    I'm Back

    Hey, I'm back! Sorry for not being here so long, my computer was stolen and I've been busy trying to recover all my data. I'm glad to finally be back on here.
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