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  1. If your friends don't accept who you are, they aren't really your friends. Be yourself.
  2. Along with the DM, a normal group usually has anywhere from 3-6 players with 5 as the standard party size. You only listed 3 people(and since 1 of you 3 will likely be the DM that means your listed party size is currently only 2). Is there anyone else who will be in it that you didn't list here, are you going to play with just the 3 of you, or are you still looking for people to increase your group's size?
  3. Several days after the events with Furnace Man have subsided, the cops are being run ragged. People have been disappearing all over town. Sirens begin ringing out all over town as several crimes are committed simultaneously. There aren't enough cops to handle it. Chair man is needed. Pick your location to go to...(And just a heads up, these are not all the places with crimes. They are just all the ones that seemed notable.) The Jail The Police Department The Furniture Store The Ice Cream Store(You can start here and still go somewhere else. It really is only focused on one joke and a very minor plot point.) The Electronics Store (My Personal Recommendation is going to the Furniture Store, but they could all turn out interestingly.)
  4. 31. Has anyone else noticed that the initial rules post starting this off didn't actually say we had to start over if multiple people said the same number? It said each post should be one number greater than the one above it, but it never specified any consequences.
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