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  1. As a massive fan of rock & metal genres, I couldn't help but wonder... What happened to my favourite genre (plural)? Did it die completely? Let's take a leap back in time. All the way back to 1960's. Well, maybe even a bit further. The year is 1956. "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley is announced Billboard's #1 song on the "Pop" chart. That's the first time a Rock & Roll song claims that spot. This marks the beginning of the era. Different artists come and go, new genres arrive. Rock & Roll used to be what we consider "Pop music" nowadays. as 1960s pass, the "Classic Rock" gives way to a new wave of rock. 1964, the "British Invasion" starts. The well known groups like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Queen and Yes, as well as singers like David Bowie and Elton John... And that's just to name a few. Truly, a golden age for Rock music. Fast forward to today. Did You notice? Rock is now niche. Most notably, Forbes posted an article titled "Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead. No, Really This Time" in 2017. To quote Danny Ross, the person behind the article, Later down in his article he points out the differences between the mainstream songs nowadays and the particular elements of Rock 'n' Roll. And he's right, You know? The difference is there. The things that made r'n'r have evolved. The people moved on. When is the last time You saw a rock song on top of the charts? The last time I did was 2002, with Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". I share opinion with my idol, Gavin Dunne. So, is Rock & Roll dead? Or has it just moved into different places & forms? Feel free to share Your feelings and opinions. Let me know what You feel!
  2. Why do I feel like people who don't like repetition won't enjoy this post...? I had this weird arguement against myself in my head lately. It's pretty much entirely ethical, and it focuses on judgement. I came up with lots of different arguments "for" and "against", and couldn't find anything that would 1;1 set my mind on either side, so I'm reaching out here for more arguments! So, the question I have is; What type of judging someone is good, and which one is wrong? I feel like there's a thin line; Of course there's the difference of judging someone in the solitude of Your mind, judging someone in front of them, and judging someone in front of others (And well, judging someone behind their backs, but we'll ignore this one for now) In the confines of judging someone in our minds, I believe in the long shot it doesn't matter much. It's hard for me to think up a sinister scenario here. Even "Judging someone in our heads because someone said some unpleasant rumors about them" is not a bad thing as long as we don't take these rumors to other people. It can be good though, after all, judging if people are good or bad is how I identify which people I should avoid (e.g. toxic people) and which I should stick around. If we're talking about judging people in front of others is a hard topic for me ethically. Mainly because of a quote I can't remember properly. It said something among the lines of "A true friendship praises you in front of people, and criticises you when you two are alone". It gave me the light on the topic that; If You say negative things about someone, as long as someone else gets to hear it, it's a negative thing, as you're essentially bad mouthing them (even if you are saying the truth), and if You give positive judgement (as long as it's truth), it can't be a bad thing. Here we enter the most interesting and heated topic for me; Judging someone in front of themselves alone. Just You and that person. Some people wish not to be judged at all. Some people wish only for "constructive criticism", some people don't mind being judged as long as it's worded properly, and then there are those who don't mind judgement at all. So, is the border entirely up to "Who are we judging"? Is it about "How"? I'd love to hear Your thoughts on the topic of judgement! Always Yours, Leo A religious P.S.; I know in the end God will be the one who decides what's good or bad, so I don't worry about this. I'm just having a brain storm over this
  3. Inspired by Raka's hand~y topic and the amazing, beautiful weather outside. Let's take a moment and Maybe we should give a day to appreciate our amazing friend in the sky for allowing life to bloom down here, for letting our good days be better and yet still, shining bright even in some of our darkest days (If forecast allows it to, I guess? )
  4. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tGZ8ySfwZj7aBWLdLwRVIADzhiR5AyAm-W9WOp-vwh4/edit?usp=sharing Here's the link to mine! Had insane fun writing this down and breaking through any artblocks that came among the way! Thank You for the challenge! P.S.: If You find any grammar mistakes or anything that isn't English, please let me know. I might've dun goofed and skipped over something while checking
  5. So... The end of the semmester. Failing a certain subject, but, heck, I'll crawl out of this... The real issue...? I'm feeling mentally drained. And it's been a while since I've felt that. However, now it's back, and, as much as I love talking with people, with the state I am now in, it drains me more than it gives me power. A major part of all conversations put me on the verge of tears, and that, finally, leaves me all alone with myself... ... And here, part 1 begins... ... Lately I've tried my best to recover from a trauma from the past (I'll assume You know what I'm talking about)... Yeaaah... I thought it went great, because with each passing day, the stress surrounding it just went away... Now, that I'm all alone with myself, I realised I was just locking myself away from myself, just so I didn't have to face that... Dark part of me... And now it's right there, on my back, haunting me all over again... Screaming harrowingly at and into my soul... Makes me afraid of talking to anyone... Afraid of being present in groups... Sure, I force myself into still talking to people, and sure, it doesn't translate that much of that fear into the web, but... I hate the hardship I have to go through just so I can talk with someone... ... And as for part two... ... How do I properly rest mentally...? My only way of having a break was, honestly, sitting/laying down and listening to music, drifting away from the reality... Just so it could strike me again whenever I had to get up... I don't feel like it's as viable as I thought it was... With love, Lay.
  6. Don't Mind Monday Don't Tweep Tuesday Do Waddle Wednesday Dont Think Thursday (STOLEN! BOOO!) Don't Fret Friday Don't Weep Weekend!
  7. ... "As if I was admitting that I was weak So, with that out of the way, Q: I need to learn how to give up. I never know when to quit, and I've seen it hurting my friends, family or even myself. Can I get some tips on how to start changing that? ^ My full question from the stream (if You include Joe's quote) P.S.: My way of changing stuff in my life usually goes somewhere among the lines of "Everytime I wake up, morning toilette, get my looks sorted out, and then I say to myself; 'Hey, pal, it's time to do THIS right today, or THAT.'... But when it comes to this issue, I'm not sure if it works as well as I'd like it to, so... *Open to new suggestions*
  8. Hey, so, lately I came across Ryan's spotify, and noticed there was only a few songs (namely, most of the ones not related to Criminal Idol). The question is; Will we ever get Criminal Idol on Spotify?
  9. I especially loved the Happy Birthday part. Like, I loved the whole stream, the improvs were some actual pieces of pure art, but THIS. https://clips.twitch.tv/ApatheticCautiousKumquatDxAbomb https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilViscousJaguarMoreCowbell
  10. Heya! I thought it would be nice to throw up some highlights from yesterday's (or, if You're somewhere near GMT-2 and higher, today's) stream, sooo... Write down the most memoriable (for You) parts of the show!
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