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  1. Thats very odd, because I posted from my phone not long after 540 was up and it didn't show that anyone else posted anything. not sure what happened there or who did what when, but no worries. We can get back up there! (indeed, it is super frustrating lol ) but oddly enough, starting over kinda motivates you to try even harder! by the way, this is a moderator reply, not a number listing, so you dont have to start over again by me posting this lol
  2. 521 (and "no were not done")
  3. 339 "and its about time, to see what number's up next, in line" Lets have some fun here, see if you can post the next number WITH a phrase that rhymes after it! It can be one line or 2 or 6. dosn't matter. It just has to rhyme with your number. Show me what ya got! (#Hard as Flint)
  4. 311 (one of my favorite bands!)
  5. 294 i know right? KIDS!! lol
  6. 292 lol much better! nobody likes stepping on those little things lol man oh man they HURT! ive prolly got one permanently lodged in my heel...im pretty sure..
  7. 290 im walking on egg shells lol
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