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  1. Hey everyone, Right now on my phone so it's a tad easier to write here then on the website. Long story short, life hasn't been kind to me for the last little while and I am kinda on the brink of wanting to give up, actually I even tried. A lot of stuff happened. I had a girl I had a crush on who rejected me which cut even more after hearing she was going with a close friend of mine and they never told me... Heck I figured out relationships are not for me the 2nd time and it goes just as wrong as the first time. What was worse is that 10 minutes later I got a call that my grandma w
  2. How do I stop worrying about a suicidal friend, and a toxic friend of his that is possibly making his life worse?
  3. I’ve had a phobia of plants since I was little, it stems from a traumatic childhood memory I had. I can’t touch plants without screaming or freaking out. I wasn’t even able to hold a bouquet of flowers at prom. People around me laugh when I bring it up because it's such a silly thing to fear, or worse, will try to bring a leaf or something near me for comedy. I’m also autistic and even being around plants can upset me, hence why I don’t go outside (in rural/green areas) very often. Do you have any tips for overcoming phobias? I’m sorry if this is weird or too niche. - Tori
  4. Is it ok to change? I have been through a lot as of late both mental and physically. I have been trying to do my best to improve myself but I'm not the same from when I started. I have become more introverted, not to an antisocial point, but I just don't find energy in being around people as I once did. Additional I have change in a way that I am "more bold" or "more harsh and aggressive" or just "grown more a spin to speak your mind" And this has conflicted me it seems some people see I have changed in really odd ways and others don't see a change at all. I feel different, but the
  5. There's so much I want to do in life but I don't think I'll have enough money or time to do them all. Do you have any advice?
  6. Hi, I hope you're all having a great night, and I'm sorry if my inquiry is a strange entry at all. But I understand that there will be VA auditions for Criminal Idol S2 soon. I just wanted to say that, I've been wanting to do VA for a while and having followed CI for the last four years, I really want to try out, but I'm just really anxious to do so. I understand VA work isn't really a cheap or easy hobby or career. And while I want to try out, I'm just a bit overwhelmed. Being given the opportunity to be a part of a series you love so much is a rare opportunity, and I'm scared of mis
  7. My topic is about finding balance. How do you find the line between working and being responsible but relaxing and taking care of yourself? And what are red flags that your falling on one side?
  8. I have bad thoughts. It makes me sad Try so hard to deal with it. My mind say I hate my mom and I want to kill myself.
  9. My main problem is... how do I convince myself that I am not responsible for the concerns of people I care about? I made a mistake, and last night I kept faulting myself for it over and over again.. Even though in the end I made the right decision, it still hurts to know that if I hadn't made that mistake I could have avoided the emotional pain someone else had to go through..
  10. What do you mean by "Being a gift to the world"? I don't quite understand.
  11. Umm, this is kinda hard to ask but, what do you think about people being transgender? I really like your opinion so, what you think is kinda important to me.
  12. Hi. I'm stressed out and don't know how to relax. Help
  13. What do you think about turning ones emotions numb? I was having a debate with a friend who defended that it was wrong to shut down the emotions for a while to run from emotional pain.
  14. So, I had a panic attack again and I realized something because of it. I got worse fighting against them, because I kind of blocked myself from my emotion. Because I don't want to be a burden to anyone I tried to fight my emotions by myself mostly, but all I really did was building up a stronger mask, to hide my emotions even from myself. I still get overwhelmed and I'm still trembling deep inside of me right now. But I can't even try to reason with myself somehow, because I don't know why I feel like that currently. One part of my mind is doing the thinking, while the other is break
  15. So... I ended up falling in love with someone online... The problem with this is, I have a boyfriend... I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend, that would be the worst thing to do ever. I want to be honest with my feelings... but if I'm really being honest, my love for my boyfriend had... mostly faded even before I met this other person. And I don't really know 100% what I feel for this other person, and neither does he. He was the first to confess, but he said he wasn't quite sure about his feelings yet so we decided to stay friends. But the thing is, I don't think I can handle
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