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  1. As a fellow Joe, I think this would be a pretty good topic for A Double Cuppa Joe. So on Don't Fret Friday we were talking about cool names like CDVNL and A Single Duel and yeah, I think that'd be a cool topic.
  2. Mikell Bright

    Mikell Bright

  3. Salutations all you lovely folks, I'll be giving you guys a decent theory once I collect evidence this evening. - Yours Truly Dr. Evander
  4. Though I do agree with most, But you might need to delve deeper into the episodes. *Takes off tinfoil hat* Though this is one of the better theories I've seen.
  5. That would be cheating, Watch episode 1. Or decode the box.
  6. I do have evidence pointing to people being the bomber, But I am sworn to secrecy.
  7. Mikell Bright

    Shirt Contest!

    Ahh, Here is a design. I got it from a simple google image search.
  8. To say, Me and Reala have the full lyrics by static. He is just waiting to release. And its uproar.
  9. My true answer is... Angelight! They were the people on the stage when it was bombed. It seems light them as they could have easily planted the bomb and frame the star blush girls.
  10. Static, I do know who it is. It is me, I have proof right here.
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