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  1. Omg!!! How's that possible?! I'm impressed! What a great man! Honorable...
  2. ...Wut? How dare him! Lying to you! Bad bot! Kill It! KILL KILL KILL!!!
  3. Sports? Is that edible?
  4. The universe tied rocks to my feet, and initially i would weep. But you see... I needed these rocks --I needed to sink. For with them, I formed a ladder so steep. I turned dead weights into stepping stones, and with them the sky was finally in reach.
  5. Yeah... I've been eating too many candies... But i can't help it! It's not my fault!
  6. Tired of the taste, Of salt in my wounds, I developed, A sickly sweet tooth. I ate up, Each sugarcoated lie, Disguised, As truth. I was so naive, To the cavities, To these holes, I will spend, The rest of my life, Trying to fill.
  7. Nah, i have my cake here(nhon~nhon~), so i didn't fall for that trick! Going to make popcorn! Bye~ Sayounara~ Adios~ (I'll be back shortly)
  8. It looked so yummy T~T Such a pity... I was tricked!
  9. U are my great friend Nyxl!
  10. Guidelines? Which guidelines? Is that edible?
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