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  1. Fantastic, Wunderbar, Magnifique, and over all a vary good show. The start is smooth and kicks into a genuine jam. 10/10 would dance to this if i knew the style to go with.
  2. How do I encourage my brother to fill out job applications? As it sits I am paying for everything and now have two jobs. In the past he was forced to fill applications as a punishment but I can't be there to hold him up forever because I have my own goals and life. The people helping us and our current landlords are also pushing for him to do so as well. I just don't want to push and end up repeating the same things our father did to us.
  3. This is more of a request than a personal topic, but if y'all could talk on mental health and maybe some resources that people can use. general advise is also recommended. Things like talking to a trusted individual, and workouts, the wonder's of sunlight and chocolate, ways to reduce stress, sleep and maintaining hygiene can also help. Honestly i'm spit balling ideas here.
  4. May is Mental health awareness month and it is a topic that should be addressed at all times of the year. What is mental health and how can we improve it? Are their any resources for people to use? Of course their are and it's more important than ever during these times to maintain our selves. What are some things we can do and potentially how/why it will help?
  5. Regarding my father’s expectations; it can be said that they were overwhelming and quite difficult for three preteens who did not prior have chores. Many of the chores were normal; clean bedroom sweep, clean bathroom, do dishes and basic yard work. Where it differs is that we then were made to do a large portion of the cooking in house though it would be several years until we had to do it all and more years until we shared the load amongst us five. A major note is that my brothers had a few months prior to adjust to the chore list while I was thrust un after a week and was rather lost in ever
  6. Our story begins technically in the year 2001; however, we shall begin with the very beginning of 2011. At the time I was living in small town in Mississippi with my mom, step day and half-sister. My father and his girlfriend had come over from Georgia to pick me and my brothers up for what at the time my mom and I thought to be a holiday visit similar to the others that had happened in years past. This would soon be discovered to not be the case. About halfway through Alabama they asked me a loaded question; “How would you like to live with us?” I being a rather excitable and agreeable 1
  7. In order to fully understand the situation as it sits it becomes imperative to delve into the bulk of my life with some great amount of detail.If you wish to give me advice or any opinions please feel free to. I acknowledge my bias and some of this will be speculation as to what has happened. I am not looking for pity but rather understanding and guidance, so in the meantime buckle in because this is going to be lengthy and may be several posts. Posting may vary due to internet access. As it sits I am in a public library because my father has turned off the internet at the house so pleas
  8. granted but there is no one else in the universe I wish I knew what love was
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