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  1. How do I encourage my brother to fill out job applications? As it sits I am paying for everything and now have two jobs. In the past he was forced to fill applications as a punishment but I can't be there to hold him up forever because I have my own goals and life. The people helping us and our current landlords are also pushing for him to do so as well. I just don't want to push and end up repeating the same things our father did to us.
  2. This is more of a request than a personal topic, but if y'all could talk on mental health and maybe some resources that people can use. general advise is also recommended. Things like talking to a trusted individual, and workouts, the wonder's of sunlight and chocolate, ways to reduce stress, sleep and maintaining hygiene can also help. Honestly i'm spit balling ideas here.
  3. May is Mental health awareness month and it is a topic that should be addressed at all times of the year. What is mental health and how can we improve it? Are their any resources for people to use? Of course their are and it's more important than ever during these times to maintain our selves. What are some things we can do and potentially how/why it will help?
  4. Regarding my father’s expectations; it can be said that they were overwhelming and quite difficult for three preteens who did not prior have chores. Many of the chores were normal; clean bedroom sweep, clean bathroom, do dishes and basic yard work. Where it differs is that we then were made to do a large portion of the cooking in house though it would be several years until we had to do it all and more years until we shared the load amongst us five. A major note is that my brothers had a few months prior to adjust to the chore list while I was thrust un after a week and was rather lost in everything and when we failed to meet the requirements or did something wrong, we would be punished. These punishments would change relatively quickly and would later prove to be to our mental detriment. Before his current relationship by about four years, according to by elder brother, the punishments consisted of writing sentences in increments of 50 to 100 normally with about a few days to complete. This would later change a few thousand in a week after they split off in around 2009. A year later our father would add exercise to the list of punishments in increments of 25 and for a total of around 100 or more for me and my younger brother until we were used to it. My older brother on the other hand was the source for the exercises would receive the worst parts of the punishment system. This came to pass due to his bullying issue. For you see he is mildly autistic and introverted many people from his school would pick on him because it is easy to get under his skin. Our father new of this and did nothing to help the situation until he one day fought back and was brought back home by a police officer. This incident would be the groundwork for his DS to be taken away until 2017 and the institution of the compound interest exercises. Compound interest exercises is pretty much what it sounds like; every day for a length of time he could must do so many pushups, sit ups and or burpees. When he failed to complete them, they would be added to the next day with more tacked on based of some percentage. After the first few months he could also take his lumps in forms of minutes of wall sits or beatings. During this time, he would also be threatened, and I believe a few times forced to sleep outside, with a tent. As such while he had become physically fit, he had become increasingly closed off from everyone else to the point where he would hide in the bathroom because that was the only safe space for him. As a reaction to this the parental units of the house began regulating his bathroom time as well as all our screen time going to the extent that they would have cameras set up on front of the tv and had remote access to all out our computers, which he still dose. After about three years they gave up and he joined the rest of us with up to 1000 pushups to do in an evening. The writing would stop before the first move. During the first few months of being in the house I came to fear the man I called my father. He would regularly yell at us and make things harder then they seemed. As we would later learn; our grandmother who is also very clean would not clean to his expectations. He would also attempt to explain why we were being punished but we seldom understood the whole situation. He would once in a blue mood storm into our room and take the stuff that were deemed out of place and toss it in the garbage. He locked our younger brother on the back porch in the dark for an hour because he was afraid of the dark. Our father threw most of my elder brother’s stuff away because he felt like it a few times as well. Our Father would also resort to wrestling us to the ground when we got to emotional or would not talk to him. This would escalate to when he picked up my older brother by his neck. Other punishments consist of a hot sauce mouth wash followed by salty soap water mouth wash for lying, solo yard work that consisted of removing a collapsed and over grown dog cage, preventing us from having screen time (using electronics when not related to school with search history checks), and reading The Heart of Darkness our loud while recording it for proof. During the elder brother’s beatings and exercise regimen he did have CPS however; our father shrugged them off claiming discipline despite my brother having the regulate inability to sit down and belt markings on his arm ad he would try to instinctively block some of them. The beating lead to my and my younger brother doing anything we could to block out the screams in the evening. For the past few years things have become a lot tamer in the regards that we are all over 18 and that he just turns off our internet or takes our computer off our desk. The same cannot be said regarding our father’s ability to keep his promises.
  5. Our story begins technically in the year 2001; however, we shall begin with the very beginning of 2011. At the time I was living in small town in Mississippi with my mom, step day and half-sister. My father and his girlfriend had come over from Georgia to pick me and my brothers up for what at the time my mom and I thought to be a holiday visit similar to the others that had happened in years past. This would soon be discovered to not be the case. About halfway through Alabama they asked me a loaded question; “How would you like to live with us?” I being a rather excitable and agreeable 10 year old said I would not mind it. What I did not know however is that regardless of what I said I would have been staying regardless of how I felt and to further make things worse is that they did this without telling my mother who about a week later found out over a phone call and I got to hear her crying. My father did this out of a strange twist of charity towards me and my supposed wellbeing.to add more detail I will have to talk about the housing arraignments for both parties. My mother lived in a roach and rat infested house with several cats and a lot of stuff. My room was quite messy and I could seldom see the floor because we lacked the shelving space to store everything. This is because my step dad worked nights at a gas station and a lot of the stuff was left over from when we used to live is a larger house with some other family on my mom’s side and because my mom has a habit of going to garage sales. My mom was not a worker partially because of her past luck with employment and partially because we tended to have one functioning vehicle. When it came to food we often bought from second hand stores and most of it was either close to or strait up passed the sell by date. We also received a fair bit of assistance from the local church where I would start my journey with the boy scouts and build up a séance of religion witch I have since thought about and moved away from; mostly from reading the book and the harsh words from my father. My father’s house on the other hand was slightly larger but faced in my opinion a far greater set of issues; black mold and bedbugs. While both he and his significant other both had decent jobs they had failed to kill the bedbugs and had ultimately forced my brothers (one younger and one older) to attempt to stave off the growing mold issue. For thoughts who may not know black mold is rather toxic and bedbugs highly resilient and both can be very expensive to remove. The bed bugs would follow us through the next two houses finial being killed of back in 2017 I think. That I blame mostly on m self because I did not really know how to clean that well and I have since gotten significantly better though not good enough to match my father’s expectation on cleanliness.
  6. In order to fully understand the situation as it sits it becomes imperative to delve into the bulk of my life with some great amount of detail.If you wish to give me advice or any opinions please feel free to. I acknowledge my bias and some of this will be speculation as to what has happened. I am not looking for pity but rather understanding and guidance, so in the meantime buckle in because this is going to be lengthy and may be several posts. Posting may vary due to internet access. As it sits I am in a public library because my father has turned off the internet at the house so please bear with me because this is only the begining. (Pt 1 is in DWW andis not as important as this tread will delve into the hystory of that particular situation.) (the tread may be innapropriate for some by trigering some elements of the past or may cause feelings of sadness idk how it will effect you but this will serve as a warning)
  7. granted but there is no one else in the universe I wish I knew what love was
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