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  1. I've been kinda inactive since the server has been rather deal but I was just thinking about his music so I'm back. Creative stuff? I can write and edit song lyrics. I also know how to rap, and I'm not so bad at singing. I plan to improve all of these things over the course of the year anyway so hit me up if you have anything music related. I also know how to create story plotlines and characters but simply don't have the time or patience for dialogue and such. So if you want a sounding board for a story you're writing, I'm good with that since I work with an aspiring comic artist on
  2. Lyrics! Lyrics! Lyrics for everyone! But I play with melodies and production too. But I'm pretty new at production and I need a lot of polish in my recording. Ideas, rewrites, emulating styles, no lack here. But especially LYRICS, LYRICS LYRICS!!!
  3. ... I love this song so much... I sing it all the time. It's probably my best song. I'm glad you like it too.
  4. I'm getting ready for the biggest speech of my life. I can hear the crowd screaming and inside I'm thinking "I'm not ready for this". Pan out, it's just in my head, my head is screaming. I sit at the table, chewing laboriously. It isn't the food, I simply have no appetite... zilch, nada, nothing. My stomach is tied up in knots. The reason, I'm awake, and therefore life is inevitable. This was yesterday. Life can stink sometimes, when sleeping and eating are difficult because of an ill placed panic attack. I'm not going to say I have it all figured out but somebody told me... it'll al
  5. I like twilight better, it makes me think of a retro video game. Old weekends before I had problems. Even though I'm only nineteen, I grew up with my dad's old video games. So I played a lot of super Nintendo.
  6. Cool, how did I not find this topic before? How long have you been producing? Can I hear some of your stuff? I want to learn music production and I can use all the help I can get.
  7. Igloo is meant to reflect the emotional journey that I'm on currently. The name "Igloo" stands for a wall of ice I built in order to protect me from the cold (the outside world, hurt.. etc) The current track listing is designed to represent a phase. 1. Solo act (Represents abandonment, but acceptance that I can still do this alone.) 2. Mario ( Both disgust for the manipulative and unreliable nature of people and fear to try new relationships.) 3. Psychiatrist (realization that I have a problem and an address of my insecurity.) 4. Apathy ( A numbing, a bluff at ind
  8. I intend for my first EP to be called "igloo". This represents "a wall of ice that I've used to separate and protect myself from the cold." I know that there's a lot of people who isolate themselves. I do this myself and too often it only leaves me alone. Igloo is the starting point for me since I've arrived. The planned tracklist also represents all the emotional stages that I experience from my "igloo."
  9. But if you check out the power levels the three of us can take on 394 guests.
  10. So I've been thinking. "Social club" has the misfits. Zauntee has the zealot gang. NF has the "real music" slogan. I've been thinking about branding. What represents me as a person and an artist? I intend to go by noiZ as a stage name because if you don't listen to the message then I'm just noise right? (Also it's conveniently my name backwards.) But as far as the movement that I want to create it's always been about people knowing that I hear them. Just as I have and do struggle with feeling unheard. I hope to speak to those who relate. What do you guys think about "The heard"
  11. Okay, I can accept losing to that. Even if I am still second out of two.
  12. For those who don't know, I'm pursuing music full time and I can use any support. I've held off because I didn't want to seem selfish. But I think that my music could help people with similar struggles. I have a YouTube channel and Instagram. If you're interested in helping me, those are the simplest ways. YT (Zion Mesa) Instagram (noizartist). For more specific skills anyone who can mix, master, produce, provide album art, marketing... Or anything that you can think would be helpful. Even moral support is appreciated. I actually struggle with anxiety and depression but I use
  13. That's cool congrats to the winners. That is a good idea though S2AJoe... If anyone has a skill that could help me or, even just supporting me by following or subscribing that would be awesome. I do want to read the story... Drop it in in the topic S2AJoe.
  14. Yeah...if you're current on MAL you know I need this.
  15. Nov 1 Haha how much does it take to keep a friend? I swear I did the best I knew how. People hate me, and I don't expect you to fully understand my pain but this is it. Normal day, normal chores. Tomorrow we're packing so I headed out early for my last day here. Arrived, I was comfortable and confident in my relationships and I was thinking I was going to miss this place. I went to the usual spot and most of the people were there. Grace and Nancy were as well. I said hello and went about greeting everyone else. They both walked over to the other side of the road. I was talking to the
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