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  1. ~ Cu (Angel)

    Pixel Hareka

    Hey, it's my boy GingerPale! I've seen that video before, but it only makes sense to me from an artist's perspective now. It's not really enough just to give your art shading, but to give a tone and style through the different colors and color palettes. I know now that I must recognize a style when making pixel art, and I think by starting to practice more and more, I might even be as good as you one day. Like you said, it's all about sampling the colors that you would like to use and finding a balance between each one in order to not only create a stylized product, but one where every piece of the picture, every layer of shading, every color chosen makes for a unique and satisfying pixel creation. The video that you embedded really allowed me to understand the process of color picking a bit better in a more simplistic and humorous way (I mean how can you not find it enjoyable; it's GingerPale!). I appreciated that you pointed out that you used Piskel--an art creation tool specifically for this kind of stuff (I didn't even know that kind of program existed, or at least to that level of quality and detail). I'm so glad you pointed it out to me, and I'll be sure to use it as I advance further in my future ventures into spriting and pixel art as a whole. Plus--the program's apparently open-source, so I can use my prior coding skills to tweak Piskel to my liking . Though, I've seen dithering done in some art and video games before, I've never actually incorporated it into my own artwork; and that I know what it's called, I can continue to practice it. And by doing so, I'll then be able to shade in many new, different ways. Your example to this "style" of shading really helped out a bunch too, now that I can see clearly what you mean. All in all, the explanation that you gave of creating pixel art, while pretty basic, is an extremely helpful starting point for me, and it opened my mind up as to how complex art made by using bits on a screen can be. I'll be sure to practice frequently in order to get better at the craft, since art is actually one of my deep passions that I've lost through my years of growing up and reaching adolescence. But now that I've found this hobby, which combines the aspects of both coding (through video game creation), video games, and art (my three favorite things) through developing sprites or just general pixel art, I've certainly found a new home in the digital art community. Thank you soooo much for the tutorial, Matt, I really appreciate it, as you've both taught me something valuable and made my day just a little bit better . - Angel/Vanadium
  2. ~ Cu (Angel)

    Pixel Hareka

    Oooh, very nice! I love the amount of detail and shading put into the face How did you learn to get so good at pixel art? I'm currently learning how to make better pixel art/sprites, and I'm a bit lost on how to get a good color palette or even start making stuff as detailed as that ;3;
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