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  1. As per recommended by our sweet Princess, I will be leaving this here as to fill some time if necessary. But I don't see a need to do a deep dive as it's a simple topic and it refers to something rather minor (maybe?), so other topics are priority. But regardless, here it is TL;DR - I got into Voice Acting, fun gig, I'm okay at it despite my less-than-favourable setup, But I don't often do stuff without a set objective (that is more specific than just "git gud", gaming makes you hate these two words and I know all too well why,) so I decided to YOLO it and sent an application for the main a
  2. Heyo, this post will be a bit different (Also shorter) from my previous ones because this one is not about me, it's about a guy I met on Discord who I have talked to a while ago. He slid into my DMs from a large server, it was a nice convo and we started talking about some stuff about happiness and sadness and feeling empty (Much because despite not being a member of Mystery Inc. I am still a meddling kid). According to him, he doesn't see himself as a human but instead as just a shadow that exists but isn't noticed, doesn't interfere with anyone else and doesn't have any kinds of feelings,
  3. As I was trying to remember what the topic I had thought of earlier today was, I started picturing in my mind a guy looking frantically through tons and tons of filing cabinets, all without any apparent ordering or organization, just trying to find the file which held that one topic on it, and then I realized "Hey, this thing you did just now could be a topic instead! lord knows we're not finding the old one in this mess of an office" (BTW, I'm fine with this mess of an office, I might not always find everything I need but sometimes I find stuff I didn't even know I had... like this topic!)
  4. The wings have melted Making this update short and simple, yesterday was a very productive day unlike Monday, during it there was a rerun of an aptitude test I had taken earlier in the hiring process, I didn't hit the bar the second time and now I'm back to square one, thankfully I kept quiet to most people about this entire ordeal but I still wish I could avoid having to tell this to the ones that would end up knowing There's a second position I can apply to in the company still, but I'm not sure, the process for this application already took forever Now I have a new "what if"
  5. Wooooooooo, I was in a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad mood yesterday wasn't I? if all first days are like that, I think I better stick to this job like gum under that one brand new shoe you bought yesterday and decided to use for that amazing date with the cute barista you've fancied for a few weeks now (Because I am totally an expert on situations involving cute baristas as long as Roleplay videos on youtube count) First of all, thanks for the kind words Sena, I needed to hear something like that more than I'll admit (Wait, I just admitted it didn't I?). Second, a small status update, I asked my mana
  6. I am reaching for the stars, but I feel the sun melting my wings of wax Background history: I've been for the last two years or so been seeking a job, last month I found an insanely good opportunity and went for it, after a lot of paperwork and tests, I am now in training in a company named Crossover on my way to become a Quality Assurance Tester, the job pays more than anything I can get locally without a masters degree and it is home-office so no Covid for me, for someone in the financial state I'm in, this is like going from street performing to Cirque du Solei But oh boy, I was not ev
  7. First of all, apologies for my two-week absence, there was no particular reason, I was just zoned out and didn't notice the stream starting or the fact it was Wednesday to begin with, I'm sure they were great streams regardless considering what I've seen up until now To start off, the context: I've been considering moving away from my city, it's a lovely place but there seems to be an air of stagnation permeating it, the city changes at a snail's pace and so do I, maybe I'm just projecting myself on the city or maybe not, point is: I've had two friends leave their homes for some time, one o
  8. Netto Hikari


    I was running away I don't know this place, I don't remember how I got here, did I do something wrong? my body moved on its own following a dirt road in the middle of what seemed like an endless amount of nowhere, no artificial lights seen anywhere in the horizon, the night is bright and yet I can't see where this road starts nor where it ends. I stopped running I can't remember why I was fleeing but it doesn't matter right now, I take a step outside the road, then two, then three steps, I stray off the path without realizing it and suddenly I can't see the road anymore, I am in
  9. Saigo here (Yeah, this is my really old account, I've changed nicknames since then) using the forum this time for my question because let's save Princess the trouble of having to make the post herself this time, shall we? A few minutes ago I had a talk with my dad about an opportunity for something I want to try, this opportunity however comes with a cost that is physical, and varies depending on your country, but in the US is green with the face of a guy printed on it depending on the value, dad said we'd talk about it tomorrow but didn't seem entirely closed to the idea, and then I was al
  10. As someone who just today received a surprised Pikachu reaction from a friend when I said I left a question blank on a test, I know where you're coming from, however, I can't offer you a solution because I don't have one, often people would only know my grades if they asked me because I didn't really feel like showing them at all, maybe that's because I had a feeling I would get the reactions you did, even more so since I would just play around in class and still get good grades because I'm gifted (Which is not as fun as it sounds, no pain no gain, it drains any pride out of things I learn unl
  11. Saigo here, digging this account from the grave just to say You're cool
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