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  1. ello luvs! ~ aw, I just noticed that the old emojis are gone haha Anyways, how has everyone been? ;; I was an old member here from, I think, 2018. Haven’t been here in forever so I’m not sure if anyone would remember me haha. it’s heartbreaking, but I’m down to make new friends so ! oh and link me to the new discord server if you can -changed my pfp back to my old one to help ppl remember me or smth
  2. Ahhh I'm looking forward to the your next posts too :DD
  3. LOL Aww, count to 100 is gone ); But hey, we have the new and improved count to 1000 at least ((: I never really saw any of the shirt designs though, but I saw the quiz Can you send me the shirt designs or are we just picking which artist we want to design some shirts?
  4. Hello! Welcome to the BSS Community <33 I'll try my best to not be as cliche as possible when writing this welcome for you ;; Anyways, thanks for the feline friend Here's a virtual hug for you
  5. Hmm... so the kid grew up and took the profession of a ring masterrrr Aaaa I'm too lazy to rephrase what I said Hope you can still understand me (:
  6. Really? My memorization skills are blep ); Anyways, did anything new happen?
  7. I'm not sure if I'm 100% accurate about this but I'm going to state some kinda obvious things first The gang is exploring an abandoned building for some unknown reason that I'm DYING to find out lol So, there's this note attached to a briefcase, and I think a kid wrote it? Like, hmm... idk how to describe it ;; Anyways, this kid attached this note to a briefcase that his dad could've possibly given him. It's like a diary or something This kid isn't really wealthy because he only gets to shower twice a month. He also mentions that he had to take a shower in the school bathroom using the sink, but that doesn't really prove that he's poor or something. The place that they're at rn is like an orphanage? I'm not sure. Maybe he had to stay at that orphanage after his dad left him
  8. I used to have 0 forum experience too lolol BSS was actually the first forum I ever been on lol
  9. Aaaaaaaa Thank youuu so muchh Woah, you're level 16 already? You must've been busy while I was gone lolol
  10. I missed you too aaaaa <33 I haven't really been that active either Lol How was your trip?
  11. Aaaaaaa A new member! Welcome to the BSS Community :DD I haven't been really active myself so lets both try to be active together? Am I being too cliche rn? Sorry lol
  12. I'm so sorry for not replying right away >.< Welcome backk!
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