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    Inktober 2020

    Happy Halloween everyone, have something spooky and forgive my inability to mix vocals HappyHalloween.mp3
  2. Sorry I'm late to this post, but Re:Zero is really good and the first half of its second season just finished airing. Erased is a short but good one. Higurashi is probably good (I've only read the light novel version, not watched the anime) Edit: Wait WHAT this is a two year old post what the heck okay maybe i'm a lot late
  3. Amazing, I can tell this must have taken you a lot of time!
  4. Bought a cool book I heard a lot about, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Just started reading it today, and it is very good so far. Gives a different perspective on how to talk to people and, well, Win Friends and Influence people. Here's a page and nice passage I liked and wanted to share. This chapter was about giving honest and sincere appreciation to people, as it is what they crave most.
  5. I thought we would just basically do the naming after the show and base it off of whatever topics were covered, that way the show's current format wouldn't have to be changed. An example of a title could be: [Don't Worry Wednesday] School Anxiety, Friendship, and Learning New Skills or something, maybe abbreviate Don't Worry Wednesday since the title will be longer to help prevent it from being cut off [DWW] School Anxiety - Friendship - Learning New Skills Kinda just bouncing ideas around
  6. Howdy Y'all, I'm coming to you today with a suggestion for BSS. Right now if you look through the channel, there are a bunch of different DWW stream-episodes that are very disorganized and look the same. I think if we brought some customization back to the titles and thumbnails, it would be cleaner and more people would be inclined to watch the old streams and/or find a topic they're interested in. Here's what some of the old DWW videos look like and are titled like: I think if we could integrate the current DWW "theme" with purple and black bars with some images and t
  7. Expect lots of posts from me in the future for Double Cuppa Joe's You guys said no topic is off limits, so I will be sending things your way, ready or not! I like this podcast format of show you're doing, because although I like Don't Worry Wednesdays, I often don't want to post troubles I may have to be discussed there, and sometimes I would like more to just talk about an interesting topic than a specific worry. So with that said, do you know what the Law of Attraction is? I think it is basically the idea that if you put out positive energy into whatever you do, you will grow a
  8. No problem @Monkerstar, lifes a rollercoaster and its okay and normal to have times like this and feel that way, just know that it will pass
  9. As I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, I had one of my nightly revelations. 666 is the number of the beast, supposedly the devil's number, right? That's what seems to be the public consensus on it. I did some googling to find the source of the number, and what it is. Supposedly 7, or 777, is the God number, the perfect number, whereas 6 or 666 falls short of God, and as it is referred to in the Bible, the number of the Beast, and of people. In the Genesis story, there are 7 Days, and Humans were created on day 6. On day 7 (the perfect day) God rested. The day of God. Why was I
  10. Hey Monk, I understand how you're feeling and I know it is difficult. You've been thrown a curveball and your final school-year has wrapped up in a much different way then you could have ever imagined. You're forlorn that your days of lolligagging with your chums and living the high-school/secondary school life have finished, and sooner than you thought they would. It is a sad feeling, although my last year of high-school went normally, it was still a surreal feeling ending it all and moving on to the next chapter of life. It is a big shift to go from being a kid growing into an adult world an
  11. so what you're saying is that Kanesaki's sister must be the bomber?
  12. Very good question. Join this discord server https://discord.gg/YRYvEg4 We have a lot of detectives theorizing the series. Here you can find a timeline also where we try to list all the events chronologically.
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