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  1. @Satō Matsuzaka This is pure awesome. Where did you find this!! @Hyrule Your ICE CREAM ONE IS AMAZING!
  2. We have created this theme and it is now available to use for everyone! Thank you so much @Cwilk
  3. And for those not on mobile: https://www.twitch.tv/bss_streaming/
  4. In case you would like to see them cover this topic Karma, they aired it on today on 5/24/19 as the first topic, you can review it on youtube after the show finishes tonight!
  5. Q: I'm stuck in a friendzone. But thats just a small info to set up the situation. The girl I'm in love with really does her best to fit the optimal friendzone stereotype. I did fall for her hard, she does get really emotional about her relationships (even more than usually folk do). And when her relationships fail, she comes crying to me and suddenly I start existing. A "friend". I do my best to build her confidence in herself back up and I try to cheer her up. I do what I can just to help. Now, I do not expect anything in return. I do wish I had something out of that, but I know it
  6. I love science, astronomy and physics. But I can almost never convey to people how exciting these are and tend to be avoided by people if I do try. How do I convey this to people?
  7. So, I know a kid in one of my classes in school and I really wanted to talk to. But I don't have the social skills to do that. I guess I just want to know if there's a way to get better social skills.
  8. Welcome back!! If you'd like, we can help you recover your old account.. just shoot me a DM and I'd be happy to look into it with you
  9. @Sunnilybright We just opened up a new one!! Took us a while but we finally made it We're hoping to get it up on Twitch soon, stay tuned!
  10. how can you attack a problem, when you do not know what the problem is?
  11. There are some purple monkeys here preventing me from viewing the content
  12. Jesse V.

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    Locked per your request, Sunnily
  13. This post has an official BSS seal of approval, in case it's needed or anyone is wondering Thanks Joe! Good luck everyone =3
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