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    Question to follow this up: What's your advice to those who get so caught up in perfectionism regarding self esteem. Getting so caught up in the perceived wrongs that need to be fixed that like... they don't even see the good.
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    This winded up being really enlightening. Honestly I should tune in to Dont Worry Wednesday and its other streams more often.
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    @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】 I recently got your two songs when I got the gold membership for the month! This one is a banger! It has an interesting 90's alternative feel in certain spots which happens to be a fav genre of mine, and I enjoy it a lot this is great. I hope you make more songs as well~.
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    I agree. Meteor hasn't given much to the investigation yet except for the alibi, so why even include them unless they have some importance? Everyone else has a reason to be in episode 0, and now that Nori has an alibi, it can't be him. They're the only ones who are there without being of much importance, except the teachers. However the teachers' personalities don't seem like ones to bomb something, and are otherwise explainable why they're there. That only leaves Meteor as the odd ones out.
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