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    Friends! The time has come to do something extraordinary. We are going to create new found adventures and wonderful worlds. That's where you come in. You have a story that needs to be told. A story of good triumphing over evil, love over hate. Starting on Friday at 12am EST and running through 12 am EST on Monday we will have a 72 hour challenge. That's 72 hours of effort and enthusiasm to create the best story you can think of. Objective: Write a short story revolving around one of the seven virtues. Purity, Self-Control, Charity, Perseverance, Patience/Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility. It can be as long or as short as you like. Reward: The greatest of these short stories will be selected by BSS to be turned into a video. We want to bring your ideas to life. Whether through music, or story telling. Show us what you've got. You will have 72 hours. Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with on the other side. Love Joseph Bohan
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    The Story Thus Far: Episode 0: Exposition on the different characters and their dreams, motive, personalities. (Note: The only character that has not explicitly appeared in another video. is Nori) Also I uploaded screen grabs of the character profiles. Also the Kanji on the background for Nori translates roughly to business manager, don't know what that means, but I thought it was a cool add in. Episode 1: Detective Detective has woken up in a strange place kidnapped by rough looking/sounding men. He may or may not recognize them. After a botched escape attempt, he is taken to a crime scene, of a crime, a bank, where the evidence is a rock thrown through a window and a hair clip. This event is not specifically mentioned as exposition or as contributing to the rest of the narrative, (speculate at your own risk) Episode 2: We are introduced to Cole and the Starblush girls, Cole, being a loner, wants to write songs and even plans to create a club to do so. Upon requesting such a club he is added to the current school music club, which consists of a 4 girl idol group. The Star blush girls. On his way out Hareka asks him to stay and the group convince him to stay, because they need one more person or their club will no longer exist. They conscript Cole to write their future songs. Episode 3: Two Unknown Idol girls claim to hear a match just prior to the explosion the ignites the rest of our story. On stage at the time is what appears to be a two person idol group, known as Angelight, performing "Are you Ready." The explosives were hidden in the Star Blush Girls luggage and consisted of a small amount of Dynamite (Per the Detective's observations.) At this time the Star blush girls were a distance away from the stage. Related to the investigation by Detective Detective, No one tampered, with the idol group's baggage after it arrived on site, due to the cameras on site. Additionally, the Detective notes, that the witnesses who heard the match cause him a great deal of unrest. Whether this is because he doesn't believe it (Because the person lighting the match would be on tape) or because he has questions is left to speculation. Episode 4: Cole has a day off and is walking around town when Hareka pulls him into one of the shops. Cole, having been a loner is hesitant to trust the girls. Being a member of the school, he would undoubtedly know what these girls were suspected of (Speculation again) However, after spending time and getting to know them, he stands up to their new manager, Detective Detective. One of the girls cries a bit at this display, Probably Hareka given the two's relationship to this point. (again Speculation) Episode 5: The Star Blush Girls tell their part of the story. As a first year group they had what appears to be 8 members, ( They lost 2 in the second year, and Some in the third Year) but that number is speculation based on the video. After a year of no fame, hard work, being ignored, and pushed around, they get a gig that propels them to the top. (Could be Nori based on his profile, but again speculation) Then at the bombing Aoke states they were far from the bomb, which was hidden in their baggage, and she states that they didn't do it, but were framed. At this stage they are asking Cole and Detective Detective to create a dream strong enough that they would fight through this difficulty. Notes: First Hareka's lines all suggest a depressed state. Crying into a pillow, Hoping it would all go away. This is an anime esque show so with a little speculation. There are only three years of "High School" They are in their final year, thus one more shot at fame. This would also mean that the Meteor group that performs the year of the bombing is no the same group of girls that are shown in the next episode. (They are all first years replacing the previous Meteor.) Episode 6: The teacher (a friend of the detective's) give DD a key to his cabin, by a lake. He takes the group there, to relax The group goes without a second though and enjoys their time together. However, the genius teacher friend of the detective forgets that he had the detective there that night and barges into the room, with another teacher and the new Meteor, who happened to give the Starblush girls alibi. Episode 7: Cole talks with DD about how he wants to help the girls who are helping him not be alone, but he's not confident in himself and he questions his friends guilt. At the same time Hareka is crying alone, telling herself to dream on even when she doesn't feel like she can. The detective made the note that they inspire people to dream, but who is going to inspire them to dream. Note: Thought Cole directly asks the detective if he thinks one of the girls is guilty, he deflects the question twice. Episode 8: Watch the video it just came out and is worth viewing a few hundred times. Suffice to say, the girls find a bunch of rings in brief case. in an abandoned building by the lake. The reason they went there is unknown. Happy Hunting Joe
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    Karaoke version of A Reason For Suffering (Episode 5 of Criminal Idol). You may download and use this as you please.


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