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    Lady's and Gentlemen of the court, I rest my case.
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    Guys, I think he's onto something
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    Assuming the four current members are not the bombers, who's to say that it wasn't one of their past members who left after the bombing. Isn't it suspicious how they suddenly left and are not suspected at all? There must be someone close to them who tries to cover up the truth and put the blame on the four members. I say that someone must be quite powerful to be able to cover up their tracks; a mafia boss perhaps.
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    I personally think it's the teacher, the detective's friend. My reasoning is majorly based off two things. One: after the bombing, his wording is very careful. He says "I was there when it happened." That doesn't exactly prove his guilt, but neither does it prove his innocence. Two: he invited the detective to the competition. How better to get yourself out of the detective's search radar than to be the reason the detective ended up at the bombing? Surely the bomber wouldn't do that. Those are my reasons. Not really evidence, but more of a hunch.
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    Theres so much theories for every character aahhh
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    i think nori is the bomber. there is a lot of evidence pointing to him
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    Static, I do know who it is. It is me, I have proof right here.
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    That would be cheating, Watch episode 1. Or decode the box.
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