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    If anyone was wondering about their outfits, here are them with their references! Aoke's hair is from her idol stage, I liked that ponytail-thing that was goin on.
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    I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across my usual dose of anime-styled art and was inspired to draw the Star Blush Girls in an anime style to try my hand at it! Unfortunately, as it is Pinterest, I couldn't find the specific artists that I gained inspiration from and used as references. I don't know why but I've always wanted to avoid an anime-y art style (large eyes, small face, noses and mouth) but.... here we are now. And I gotta say, I had a LOT of fun doing it. The end results were adorable, and I was proud to try something new. I really liked how Aoke and Hareka turned out (they were my last two so it does makes sense for them to be better after previous practice) and want to make them into stickers or keychains to carry a part of Criminal Idol with me. :) What do you say, BSS? Now without further ado... here it is! ...Unless this posts my picture before my long story. Then... there it was. I'm not great at using forums, whoops sorry!
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    Super Ultra Best Adorable Fantastic Ultimate I love it! Srsly this is really cute, Vimi!
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    Yes! Stickers! Great job Vimini!
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    Stickers you say? @Kyle @Jesse V. @Ryan Seewald 【Static-P】 @J.Curtis @Joe Anderson【CDVNL】
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    hello, yes i am making a Criminal Idol base game in the visual novel engine called renpy (REN.PIE) some reasons why i picked it: 1. its fun and has a lot of documentation 2. visual novel base game just fits Criminal Idol 3. i like python more then C# C++ and Java 4. it takes me less time to code in python and i don't have to think much on syntax and logic so i can focus on the story more now moving on to what is Criminal Idol The Game it will be you and Detective Detective trying to find the Bomber ... sorry would i like to say more but i don't want to promise something that i cant deliver but what i can say is it will have have all characters from Criminal Idol and maybe some new ones i really don't know we will have to see moving on, Galaga so my main issue is that my bullet is not being tracked to my player but my bullet does know where my player is i just don't know whats wrong also my game lags a lot after a while i will reply to this post with the code its written Godot Links: Renpy: https://www.renpy.org/ Godot: https://godotengine.org/ Thank You for reading Hyrule
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    Leaving the nest, a very important part in growth. To leave such... safety and comfort required resolve. I have no idea where life might take us, should I get excited? Long story short this became literal, as basically quarantine got us first years kicked out from living within campus grounds. We'll get our refunds by next year, hopefully. But yeah, next semester basically will have us living in clusters. I am relatively new to the there, and with how the area is still being developed, it's going to need a bit more research than usual to find a house to rent. As much as my classmates are going to give me headaches, they'll prove useful in this matter so I'm not really worried about it at all. Life will change drastically, since I will be having less time to spare as I will be going back and forth a lot more, which actually brought up tonight's topic. I'm, a little bit nervous to come out and say this but it was long overdue. I guess I'm graduating Don't Worry Wednesday? I've been contemplating this for a while, ever since Joe helped in bringing back the show. Life goes on, season changes and it was probably time for me to make a change too. But I never did, for the last year. A lot happened and my own little project inspired by DWW had to be scrapped too. However, that doesn't mean I will not face off with difficulties. Being on DWW really emphasize on one particular thing, that most of the time we all are capable enough to face difficulties, it was more of the matter of perspectives that became our obstacles. Sometimes hearing the same thing lingering in the back of our mind to be said by another person was all we needed. Aqil : I'm worried. BSS: Don't be, it's alright. Aqil: Oh man, that made sense. Thanks! I have been doing the opposite, I got too attached and reliant to this show. It was limiting myself really, something my low self esteem manipulated. Voices saying things like "I'm not good enough" or "This will not amount well" echoed in my head for too long. So I decided to challenge all of that. I'm far from wise and is definitely not a perfect person for this, but I just gotta do it. It is certainly ironic, but I gotta look at my issues in the eyes again. I need to have faith in myself again, I want to be competent. With all of that said, I'm going to live again and see where it goes. If I can be honest though, I am still very nervous. The road ahead is still unknown, I do not know how far I could go. So, I ask of you one last question... how should I go with 'Troubled Not Today' .
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    Greetings, fellow earthlings and internet-goers. I've been meaning for the longest to both post some fan art for one of my favorite things in this world... so here I am! I apologize in advance for the spam of my brain's inner machinations in two dimensional form. First up! Here's a doodle oh what I presume to be the two main protagonist dudes. They make a good-lookin duo Next up, I wanted to choose a random scene from one of the songs to make an anime mock-up of. You can see which scene I ended up choosing here. And here's some more fan art from the same episode! (Can you tell I really like this one) So that's it for all the recent drawings... but for those of you who remember them, I actually posted a whole lot of drawings in 2017 before the website reset! I... forgot to repost them until now. And that concludes this giant Criminal Idol art dump thing. Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll hopefully get to making more Criminal Idol goodness in the future! Look forward to it! >:D
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    Version 1.0.0


    And old song I made with a good friend of mine, named Gin.


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