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    Friends! The time has come to do something extraordinary. We are going to create new found adventures and wonderful worlds. That's where you come in. You have a story that needs to be told. A story of good triumphing over evil, love over hate. Starting on Friday at 12am EST and running through 12 am EST on Monday we will have a 72 hour challenge. That's 72 hours of effort and enthusiasm to create the best story you can think of. Objective: Write a short story revolving around one of the seven virtues. Purity, Self-Control, Charity, Perseverance, Patience/Forgiveness, Kindness, Humility. It can be as long or as short as you like. Reward: The greatest of these short stories will be selected by BSS to be turned into a video. We want to bring your ideas to life. Whether through music, or story telling. Show us what you've got. You will have 72 hours. Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you come up with on the other side. Love Joseph Bohan
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    I got a busy weekend, so the text is not sat up great, but here is a story of hope, desire, and effect of finding joy. Horror story must be another day. Life Dance.docx
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    Here's my short story thing. I don't know if it really fits a theme in particular, but I hope you all enjoy it. A young girl faced the sea. Inky black t'was it's cold, restless waters. Ever changing was it's tides.There she waited and waited, from dusk to dawn, day after day. Holding a single lantern which light washed over the inky blackness. Humming softly across the ocean breeze as the stars twinkled and danced upon a cloudy canvas. "Papa! Papa! Won't you come back soon?" A little girl snuggles closely with her father in a wooden ship cabin. "I'll weather any storm, knowing that you'll be waiting here for me." The father replies giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. "Sweetie, come topside. It's time to go." A tender voice calls from above the cabin. The girl faces her father once last time, taking in his features. His neat, flowing beard. His vibrant eyes and wide smile. With a snapshot in her head, she turned to return to the world above, back to the her mother and the life she was accustomed too. She then prayed every night for the heavens and the sea to watch her dad safely. However, after months, the ship didn't returned. This is not stop her prayers, nor her hope. After a year, the harbor town dwindled with hope. Succumbing to the darkness of defeat, the town stopped believing. "Never will we see that ship upon the sandy shores." they cried in grief. Yet, the little girl stayed hopeful. She didn't blame the town for their downtrodden state, she too grieved. Those who were lost out upon the uncertain waters were brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, family and friends. Yet, she wouldn't allow for hope to extinguish like a lanterns light at dawn. She vowed to go each night, to light the way home. As another year passed, the towns folk rumored and mocked her hope. "That girl is throwing her life away. Can't she just move on and accept that they are lost?" Some would say. "Hahaha, as if, I've heard she hears voices in her head telling her that they are still wondering the open blue." Other would proclaim. She simply shook her head and smiled. "They are good people, they just don't understand. The hope in their hearts have faded, yet I believe. Even mother has turned her back." A sensation of leaning forward jolts her to attention. T'was a night like every other, murky ink splashing upon the blank beige canvas. Waiting and waiting, humming the familiar tune. When out of the dark blue, a light comes shinning through. Dimly at first, blinking in and out, like the murky blackness was swallowing the light. When it faded for a while, she nearly lost hope. The darkness was teasing her, baiting her as a fisherman tempts fish. But she held fast to the light as the ache grew in her arms. Then, again, the light floated into sight. This time, it surged forth becoming brighter and brighter. And as it did, so too did a silhouette. A ship came breaking into view with the darkness falling away into the dawn. The sun glittered gloriously across the waves illuminating the battered vessel. As it rained from her eyes, a rainbow shone within her heart as she raced to the harbor docks. Within the harbor, she awoke the marina manager. "A ship! A ship! Sir, they might be home at last!" She cried to the man. Groggy, the skeptic man attempted to shoo her away, only to be taken by the hand out into the harbor. Low and behold, a shabby vessel entered into the marina. At last docked, the captain came to the dock. "I don't believe it. How are you all still alive?" The man called up. "On our way, our ship was caught up in a storm. We luckily were stranded in a harbor town, however, it took us a while to earn the money for a vessel. Thanks for lighting our way home, we thought you'd all have lost hope by now." The man piped up, "We did, it was her who lit your way home." gesturing to the girl, the captain saluted her. "Thank you child, without your light and the hope you have carried, we wouldn't have gotten the chance to make it home." She saluted back with the biggest grin. However, that familiarity that she had hoped for was nowhere to be found within the crowd of families and friends. She was overjoyed that they were home safe, yet her heart grew heavier and heavier. A man approached her from behind and tapped her shoulder. As she turned around, she cried. "Papa! Papa!" He scooped her up into his arms. "I've weathered the storm. I knew that you'd be waiting here for me. I've missed you so." As they hugged, the town awoke to the return of those they thought they'd lost. It was the dawn of a new day, rising with a new hope. And forever more, there is a lantern upon the beach held up and lit from dusk to dawn. So any lost soul on the sea, has hope to find their way home.
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    I uh, made something for this. Hopefully I made it in time. Forgiveness.docx
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    My contribution to BSS's 3 day challenge part 1 - a story of virtue. This isn't particularly my genre but I tried! 3 day challange part 1 Virtue story.rtf
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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tGZ8ySfwZj7aBWLdLwRVIADzhiR5AyAm-W9WOp-vwh4/edit?usp=sharing Here's the link to mine! Had insane fun writing this down and breaking through any artblocks that came among the way! Thank You for the challenge! P.S.: If You find any grammar mistakes or anything that isn't English, please let me know. I might've dun goofed and skipped over something while checking
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    Thank you everyone for your submission to this first 3DC, Three Day Challenge. From what I understand the projects are being read over and evaluated. Continued best of luck, and you are all appreciated by BSS.studio, the team here at Black Static & Swerve.
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    Hey all! If you can't tell by the title, this story was originally written for the three-day writing contest about one of the seven virtues. I chose perseverance. Evidently though, I couldn't finish the story in time. And I don't mind at all, truly. But I still wanted to finish the story. So without further ado, enjoy my (quite long) short story. Might take up to 30 minutes to read it. Here's the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bJRvZq5VcdcItMRUUvepr-FOgAV-kX4cFF-ZHEXcqpg/edit?usp=drivesdk It's admittedly a tad rushed. I sincerely hope you enjoy it regardless. -Matt
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    *This story is a work of fiction. Similarities between characters or events to persons in your life living or dead are purely coincidental.* Hekai grew up with her sister, and uncle. Hekai's sister is a bit shorter than Hekai, but she is less mature. Hekai's sister's name is Alice. She is really shy and is very lighthearted. Hekai's uncle is named Maccri. Maccri is a father figure that has an overwhelming need to protect the children. Hekai's parents were shippers to other districts. They were killed when Hekai was 10. The last shipment was to District 67. Hekai noticed the burning hut and told her uncle. Maccri quickly noticed the fire and grabbed a gallon of water and a hose. By the time Maccri ran out 4 huts were on fire. The fire was out of control. "Everyone get out of here. I will try to put the fire out, Get out of here!" Maccri said. "Uncle mac." Alice said gently. "Go, Get out of here!" Maccri screamed. Alice and Hekai ran out through the welcome gates of District 68. When they ran out the whole district was set on fire, and the home they knew for all of their lives burnt into a pile of ash. Maccri did not survive the great act of terrorism to the Canibe District. It was dubbed, The Great Fall of District 68. Hekai and her sister made their way to the district next door, District 67, also known as Copperton. It is known as the district of peace. The entrance has a stone path with a wooden arch with a sign saying “Copperton” on top. Hekai noticed a small piece of paper on the arch where the sign is. The paper read “With the pain and suffering our neighboring district, District 68 faced. It has fallen on the same day as this year's Star Festival so we can pay our respects to the fallen.”. “Were we really the only ones to get out?” Alice asked. Hekai was sure they were the only ones to get out. Hekai put that question aside and waited for the star festival. The star festival is an annual festival where the citizens of Copperton pay their respects to the lost. It is named the star festival because, The founder of Copperton lost most of his family due to an automobile accident. He gazed at the stars and all of his pain went away. He felt that if all of his pain went away, everyone else that is grieving will go up to the sky. Hekai and Alice walked through the arch that leads to Copperton. When they walked in they noticed a layout similar to their district. A giant cafeteria, Wooden huts, bulletin board, etc. Hekai walked down the stone path leading to the District hall. Walking in, Alice was hiding behind Hekai like a child clinging onto her mother. “Welcome to the Copperton District Hall, My name is Anna and how can I make your acquaintance?” The Lady at the desk asked. “We are 2 of the survivors from the fall of 68. We need your help.” Hekai pleaded. “Please show me your district ID, it's for verification.” Hekai got nervous. “Our IDs got caught in the fire, we had to get out of there quickly.” Hekai said, mumbling in fear. “ Please come with me,” Anna asked kindly. Hekai and Alice follow Anna to the backroom of the District hall. In the room there are 4 people expressing their feelings together. “Hekai and Maccri saved all of us. I hope everyone made it out” One man said. The door opened and everyone noticed Hekai and Alice standing next to Anna. Everyone looked in shock as Hekai said “Hello” as she waved.
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    (WJHSJSBDB accidentally have this second message thing to so I guess I’ll add something here) I also think it’s just as dangerous to make friends in real life as it is online. Like everything someone could do to you online you can have happen to you in real life too. If someone stole your credit card number online, someone could also just steal your credit card in real life. Situations vary but you get my point, talking to anyone you don’t know is pretty dangerous but having the confidence to go try to make long lasting relationships is something really special in my eyes and something I couldn’t even think of doing for the longest time. Now I have a lot of friends, a lot of ex-friends, and 2 best friends!
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    I'm super sorry for this, youtube was not working-- I tired but it's not cooperating-- I also realized that other people can see that video too and then I started to feel really uncomfortable but here's my gmail though if you want to talk to me: little.miss.fancy.15@gmail.com (this isn't a personal email it's just a backup one and in case anyone else tries to email me--). I'll try to summarize what I said here: As someone who hasn't had much experience with having/making friends,I kinda see making friends online like making friends in real life. At first you're just strangers and then over time you slowly get to know each other better. I feel like a friend is someone you feel comfortable talking to about anything and someone you don't feel super weird around. I guess that's why I see you guys as friends because I can just act how I normally act and no one really has a problem with it, and if I ever did mess up I know you'd guys forgive me. Though besides that the internet is a scary place and to be honest I probably shouldn't even be talking to you guys (stranger danger and such) but I feel like I can somewhat trust you guys.. I mean people who want to steal my information or kidnap me probably wouldn't come to DWW and vent about their issues too.. maybe? I don't know? Guess I won't know until I get to know them, huh? I'm also that kind of person where if someone says "Hey, I don't want to be your friend anymore." I'd totally be fine with it, I get overly attached to people but also can let go of people easily too. Not as in, I just stop caring about you but if you give me a really, really good reason to dislike you I'd probably stop being your friend. I feel like if you're going to make a friend, whatever type of friend, it should be someone you feel comfortable around and if you don't feel comfortable anymore you have all rights to leave. That's kind of what I think a friend is and if you want, you can call me Alexis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfMCZYtbSs&t=6620s (I had a topic where I said that conversations were hard and how do I talk to people without coming off as weird and stuff, the time stamp for this one is 1:50:20 btw)
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    Why do I feel like people who don't like repetition won't enjoy this post...? I had this weird arguement against myself in my head lately. It's pretty much entirely ethical, and it focuses on judgement. I came up with lots of different arguments "for" and "against", and couldn't find anything that would 1;1 set my mind on either side, so I'm reaching out here for more arguments! So, the question I have is; What type of judging someone is good, and which one is wrong? I feel like there's a thin line; Of course there's the difference of judging someone in the solitude of Your mind, judging someone in front of them, and judging someone in front of others (And well, judging someone behind their backs, but we'll ignore this one for now) In the confines of judging someone in our minds, I believe in the long shot it doesn't matter much. It's hard for me to think up a sinister scenario here. Even "Judging someone in our heads because someone said some unpleasant rumors about them" is not a bad thing as long as we don't take these rumors to other people. It can be good though, after all, judging if people are good or bad is how I identify which people I should avoid (e.g. toxic people) and which I should stick around. If we're talking about judging people in front of others is a hard topic for me ethically. Mainly because of a quote I can't remember properly. It said something among the lines of "A true friendship praises you in front of people, and criticises you when you two are alone". It gave me the light on the topic that; If You say negative things about someone, as long as someone else gets to hear it, it's a negative thing, as you're essentially bad mouthing them (even if you are saying the truth), and if You give positive judgement (as long as it's truth), it can't be a bad thing. Here we enter the most interesting and heated topic for me; Judging someone in front of themselves alone. Just You and that person. Some people wish not to be judged at all. Some people wish only for "constructive criticism", some people don't mind being judged as long as it's worded properly, and then there are those who don't mind judgement at all. So, is the border entirely up to "Who are we judging"? Is it about "How"? I'd love to hear Your thoughts on the topic of judgement! Always Yours, Leo A religious P.S.; I know in the end God will be the one who decides what's good or bad, so I don't worry about this. I'm just having a brain storm over this
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    I whole heartedly agree! And even if the forecast doesn't allow the sun to shine, doesn't mean it's not trying it's best to still come through
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    Inspired by Raka's hand~y topic and the amazing, beautiful weather outside. Let's take a moment and Maybe we should give a day to appreciate our amazing friend in the sky for allowing life to bloom down here, for letting our good days be better and yet still, shining bright even in some of our darkest days (If forecast allows it to, I guess? )
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    Post a reply to this topic with your stories, right here.
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    56 hours and change left in the 72 hour challenge. Best of luck to interested writers. Please follow the instructions of the initial post in this section.
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    ello luvs! ~ aw, I just noticed that the old emojis are gone haha Anyways, how has everyone been? ;; I was an old member here from, I think, 2018. Haven’t been here in forever so I’m not sure if anyone would remember me haha. it’s heartbreaking, but I’m down to make new friends so ! oh and link me to the new discord server if you can -changed my pfp back to my old one to help ppl remember me or smth
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    For a few years, I've been indulging in a lot of creative hobbies. One in particular has taken up a lot of my time recently, which is writing. Not long ago I joined a Discord server about writing, and about writing of a very specific genre. For years I published and was complacent with very little attention, which was what I expected. It is just a small time hobby, after all. In the last year or two, this has grown and I've got a bit more attention from it, which is a nice bonus, as I write for my own entertainment and not for the statistics. There's a particular set of readers who write back to me on all of my stories and they all say it's really amazing, and I can tell that their compliments are heartfelt. When I joined the server, a few people recognised my publishing name and were happy to see me, which was also brilliant. Here's the problem. As time passed, people talk a lot about some specific stories by authors who've been there for much longer than me (who are obviously a lot better because of their experience.) This is fine, I didn't join the server here to hog the spotlight, and if they've all known each other then so be it. However, as time passed, the attention I loved when I joined completely disappeared and people barely register my presence when large groups are talking to each other in the Discord chat. People talked a lot about a few specific people's stories and never about mine. While this breaks my confidence, I guess it's still okay. It was only when, with this in mind, I started writing a new story to tend to this new Discord group and try to make a name for myself that I put hours and hours and hours into and it got absolutely no attention at all did I realise I was feeling jealous. That was the turning point. I was supposed to write to improve my skills and for fun but I'm getting increasingly hurt by the fact that, despite my best efforts, no one in the Discord server even read what I wrote or pays me attention as one of the people there who had actually written the most. It's the fact that no one knows or cares about my stories, in that specific group, that hurts me the most. The talks I have with people who comment on my stories who aren't on that Discord are still really nice though. I understand the solution is to leave the Discord server because this problem is making me very, very unhealthy and making me lose sleep, and it's making me want to stop writing all together. I want to type all of this up in the Discord server then leave but I feel like I just want to say that for some recognition. If I left I would feel like I'm abandoning this and that I'm giving up on becoming one of the better known writers there, but it feels completely absolutely impossible. They just all know each other so well. Sorry if this was long or if turned into a bit of an aimless rant but my point is that my hobby turned into something fun where I didn't care if it got no attention into something where my whole aim is to get attention from it, and the fact that I'm not getting any attention in the Discord is really really hurting me to the point that threatens my passion all together. How do you undo this process and turn something fun back into something fun? And how do I cope with no one recognising me or my writing? That's the main problem right now. It hurts and I lie awake at night for hours thinking about it, wishing I'd never started writing.
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    P.S. I share a birthday with Chris Broad (from Abroad in Japan) Hooray for April 21st!
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    Granted, but the server will lose all of its data once again. I wish for peace and calmness of the mind.
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    I think he looks more like Cole, but that's probably just because of the lack of a hat
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    The Story Thus Far: Episode 0: Exposition on the different characters and their dreams, motive, personalities. (Note: The only character that has not explicitly appeared in another video. is Nori) Also I uploaded screen grabs of the character profiles. Also the Kanji on the background for Nori translates roughly to business manager, don't know what that means, but I thought it was a cool add in. Episode 1: Detective Detective has woken up in a strange place kidnapped by rough looking/sounding men. He may or may not recognize them. After a botched escape attempt, he is taken to a crime scene, of a crime, a bank, where the evidence is a rock thrown through a window and a hair clip. This event is not specifically mentioned as exposition or as contributing to the rest of the narrative, (speculate at your own risk) Episode 2: We are introduced to Cole and the Starblush girls, Cole, being a loner, wants to write songs and even plans to create a club to do so. Upon requesting such a club he is added to the current school music club, which consists of a 4 girl idol group. The Star blush girls. On his way out Hareka asks him to stay and the group convince him to stay, because they need one more person or their club will no longer exist. They conscript Cole to write their future songs. Episode 3: Two Unknown Idol girls claim to hear a match just prior to the explosion the ignites the rest of our story. On stage at the time is what appears to be a two person idol group, known as Angelight, performing "Are you Ready." The explosives were hidden in the Star Blush Girls luggage and consisted of a small amount of Dynamite (Per the Detective's observations.) At this time the Star blush girls were a distance away from the stage. Related to the investigation by Detective Detective, No one tampered, with the idol group's baggage after it arrived on site, due to the cameras on site. Additionally, the Detective notes, that the witnesses who heard the match cause him a great deal of unrest. Whether this is because he doesn't believe it (Because the person lighting the match would be on tape) or because he has questions is left to speculation. Episode 4: Cole has a day off and is walking around town when Hareka pulls him into one of the shops. Cole, having been a loner is hesitant to trust the girls. Being a member of the school, he would undoubtedly know what these girls were suspected of (Speculation again) However, after spending time and getting to know them, he stands up to their new manager, Detective Detective. One of the girls cries a bit at this display, Probably Hareka given the two's relationship to this point. (again Speculation) Episode 5: The Star Blush Girls tell their part of the story. As a first year group they had what appears to be 8 members, ( They lost 2 in the second year, and Some in the third Year) but that number is speculation based on the video. After a year of no fame, hard work, being ignored, and pushed around, they get a gig that propels them to the top. (Could be Nori based on his profile, but again speculation) Then at the bombing Aoke states they were far from the bomb, which was hidden in their baggage, and she states that they didn't do it, but were framed. At this stage they are asking Cole and Detective Detective to create a dream strong enough that they would fight through this difficulty. Notes: First Hareka's lines all suggest a depressed state. Crying into a pillow, Hoping it would all go away. This is an anime esque show so with a little speculation. There are only three years of "High School" They are in their final year, thus one more shot at fame. This would also mean that the Meteor group that performs the year of the bombing is no the same group of girls that are shown in the next episode. (They are all first years replacing the previous Meteor.) Episode 6: The teacher (a friend of the detective's) give DD a key to his cabin, by a lake. He takes the group there, to relax The group goes without a second though and enjoys their time together. However, the genius teacher friend of the detective forgets that he had the detective there that night and barges into the room, with another teacher and the new Meteor, who happened to give the Starblush girls alibi. Episode 7: Cole talks with DD about how he wants to help the girls who are helping him not be alone, but he's not confident in himself and he questions his friends guilt. At the same time Hareka is crying alone, telling herself to dream on even when she doesn't feel like she can. The detective made the note that they inspire people to dream, but who is going to inspire them to dream. Note: Thought Cole directly asks the detective if he thinks one of the girls is guilty, he deflects the question twice. Episode 8: Watch the video it just came out and is worth viewing a few hundred times. Suffice to say, the girls find a bunch of rings in brief case. in an abandoned building by the lake. The reason they went there is unknown. Happy Hunting Joe
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    In episode 0 it was stated that Meteor won the idol competition 3 times in a row. Then in episode 6 the teacher says that Meteor admires them. It seems awfully suspicious that a group that won 3 times in a row would admire the group suspected of blowing up the stage. In episode 3 it is made quite clear that they were not the ones on stage. It is also then stated in episode 6 that they provided the alibi for the Star Blush Girls. That would mean they would probably need to be close enough to them to watch for detonators. We can infer from the fact that only the Star Blush Girls were unharmed that they were standing far away from the explosion. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that Meteor was also away from the explosion, but not quite as far as the Star Blush Girls. It is very possible that they may have distanced themselves from the bomb knowing it would go off. Them still being injured by it could be explained by remaining just close enough to avoid suspicion, underestimating the strength of the bomb, taking too long to get away after setting things up, or simply being unable to get past the Star Blush Girls without drawing attention. These clues point to the possibility that Meteor was behind the bombing. This raises the question of why they did it though, and it raises the question of why they gave the Star Blush Girls an alibi. Going back to episode 0, it is mentioned that Meteor is now an entirely new group of students replacing the former members. On the list of acts in the background of episode 3, Meteor was listed first. They had already seen how the crowd felt about their performance by the time the bomb was set off. Given the fact they were trying to live up to the name set before them it is quite possible that they set the bomb up as a last resort to prevent losing and take down some of the competition so that they can win the next year. As for why they provided the alibi for the Star Blush Girls, it made them seem less suspicious. If they were clever enough to plan out the bombing to help their idol group, who's to say they wouldn't be smart enough to cover it up afterwords by helping another group. It would also help the Star Blush Girls to trust them. This enables Meteor to get some training from them in the cabin by the lake. By getting training from their former opponents they can improve their chances further. This is especially big when you factor in the fact that the Star Blush Girls are unlikely to return to the idol competition the next year due to them losing all their fans. There is a bit of evidence for some of the other people having done it, but this is what I could gather the most information on.
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    i think nori is the bomber. there is a lot of evidence pointing to him
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    Version 1.0.0


    Karaoke version of A Reason For Suffering (Episode 5 of Criminal Idol). You may download and use this as you please.


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