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  2. Hey folks it has been a while. This might be a long post and I apologize in advance. Last time I posted I had a sick cat and about a month ago he finally passed away. It was hard and I tear up at the thought of him but I know he is no longer in pain. Recently I went to the Meowser's Cat Rescue in my town to see about adopting a cat or a kitten. Sadly all the kittens have been spoken for. And while all the other cats are lovely, they each had something that just wouldn't work for our family. I prayed to God that if I am meant to get a cat that he give me a sign. I have been reading my Bible more as well as starting a prayer journal. Recently a family friend messaged me on Facebook (call her Cathy) and said that I should check out the community page because there is a Lady who is trying to rehome her cats. I decided to check it out and this Lady we'll call her Mira, posted pictures of her cats as well as the reason she is looking to rehome them. She is moving to Florida and plans on travelling by car, which is about maybe 2 day journey or more. She is moving in with some friends and these friends have 2 dogs. She doesn't want to put her cats through the stress of the move and then meeting strange dogs in the same time span. I sent her a message asking if I could meet the kitties and she said yes. I went the next day and they were so sweet. Motey was a bit shy and it would take sometime for him to get used to me. Critter and Buddy though were absolute sweethearts and cuddle bugs. (It might have helped that I gave them treats and some cat nip XD) When I arrived she started to get teary eyed and said " When I posted the other day, I thought I was ready and could face reality but I'm not. I am Happy but also sad, because they are my babies you know? I have had them since they were kittens." We chatted for a while, while I let the cats get to know me and of course there were tears and I couldn't help but hug her because I understand the feeling. Cathy had messaged Mira and told her about me. Mira knew Cathy and was grateful for Cathy because Cathy has always been there for her and is a dear friend to her. Mira said she had been praying for God to help her find the right person to give them a good home. We cried and laughed and talked for about 2 hours. Finally she asked me what I wanted to do. So I am going to be taking all 3 cats however ,Motey is the one I need to see if he will be okay with me. So if it doesn't work out then I can give him back to her and she will try and find a new home for him. I told her about my family taking our old playhouse and turning it into a cat house, basically making a cat mansion for them. She is alright with them being outside because she knows they would love to be able to go out and enjoy it, she just never had the right things to be able to do it. I told her I would send her lots of pictures so that she doesn't miss out on all of the adventures we will have together. I have a dilemma though, my Dad doesn't want any cats inside at all. Part of the reason is he doesn't want them scratching door frames, getting hair all over. Mainly he doesn't want to get attached to these cats because of Angel. My dad told me he doesn't want to get heartbroken again. I can understand his feelings but these are going to be my cats and I am the one going to be buying them their food and changing their litter box and so on. If I could easily go out and buy myself a house, I would. My Mom understands and is a little hesitant just because two of the cats have long fur. Dad would be fine with the cats as long as they lived outside, but I can't have them living outside unless that cathouse is finished. I am putting everything I have into getting this cathouse fixed up. I am even willing to keep the litter box in my closet if it will help convince my dad. I even told him they would only have to stay in the house until the cathouse is finished. Which if all of my family works together we would get it done in no time! I will be going live on Twitch July 1 to do a fundraiser to help raise money to get the cathouse done and for Meowser's Cat Rescue. I am hoping and praying God can help me through this and to help my dad heal. Thank you all for reading. Lots of love, -Kendra-
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