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  2. I go to school and feel like I could be having a part time job on the side, but the places that I wanted to work at and have sent my job application are not hiring at the time being. My problem is then being unsure if I should wait and hope for one of the places to start hiring or instead try to get a job in a place that I'd like to work at less, but would be able to earn my own money. At the same time, I also administer two clubs on my school and am part of the student council making me unsure if I can even find the time at hand.
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  5. As a kid, I used to force myself to talk to people. I was shy and I didn’t want to be alone.. So I started forcing myself to talk to people. And that worked, but I realized I started changing myself to make other people like me… I’d change my personality to make people think I was more like them. So now, I've stopped acting like that. I've stopped changing myself for other people. I realized that I only have about five friends now. It wasn’t because I stopped acting like that, honestly I don’t know why. well some of them.. I know that some of them are my fault- I've just kind
  6. I have a college visit coming up this Friday, its my first look at the college I want to go to. I don't know why but I feel nervous about going off to college... IDK if its the thing that the field i want to go to has high standards, a lot of standards.. Yet i have this feeling that i wont be accepted, i don't know why but this is starting to bug me more and more.
  7. Here are the best of the last two rolls of film that I got back from development. As usual, I'm using a Canon A1 35mm film camera with three lenses, a 28mm f2.8 prime lens, a 50mm f1.8 prime lens, and a 70-210mm f4 zoom lens. The film is Fujifilm Superia Extra 400. It's super cheep and very grainy, but it can still look good. First roll up is one that I shot on October first around my collage campus. I wanted to take a nice picture of this willow tree next to the bridge in the previous picture, but it my be possessed... Here is the water right beyond the bridge. I
  8. So, since the two rolls that I posted above, I have gotten more film, this time Fujifilm Superia Extra 400 because it is the cheapest stuff around and I can buy it at Walmart. Of the 8 rolls of 400 speed film that I have shot, I have gotten the developed prints and scans from 4 of them. So I'll post my favorite photographs from each of those 4 rolls here. Equipment Camera: Canon A1 Lenses: 28mm f2.8 Prime Lens, 50mm f1.8 Prime Lens, 70-210mm f4 Zoom Lens Film: Fujifilm Superia Extra 400 (3 roll pack for $18.something at Walmart) The Fujifilm Superia Extra is very cheep somewha
  9. hey everyone whenever I talk to this one girl, i always feel like i need to apologize for wasting her time. I have no idea whats going on. im so scared to ruin that friendship i built up over the summer. Please let me know if you want me to elaborate. I do apologize for not being here for a while had school and other things to deal with. -Sparrow
  10. My topic is this: I had a friend who started showing interest in me. I reciprocated, but about three days later I woke up and they had messaged me to friendzone me. Was pretty frustrating, turned out she just doesn't feel like she's ready for a relationship right now. I suppose just give it time, but it was still frustrating to be friendzoned when they initiated.
  11. I am getting frustrated with my cousin. A few months back she finally left this guy who was in no way good for her! And now he is back in her life. He made her leave her 3 kids behind because of him. There is so much that my cousin has done and I have tried talking to her and my aunt, her mom has tried to get her to do what is right. At one point she was on the right track and had gotten a good job and was doing well and then she invited people back in her life that was not good. They robbed her and she has blamed God for everything in her life. And hasn't gone back to church.
  12. Recently, my best friend stopped responding to me. When I messaged them asking what was going on, they said school was just being rude. I asked if it was the Wi-Fi or just school work, or if they just didn't want to talk to me. They said that they did want to talk to me, but that it felt like we were not the same- our communication was dry. I get it, since we haven't really talked in a while, meaning having an actual conversation. We really just did role plays. They wanted to stop doing the role plays and wanted to try to get our friendship in a better place. But then they said t
  13. Frequently, I deal with the thoughts that the online friends I talk to semi-regularly and I'm close to will disappear a year later or stop talking to me because they no longer use Discord or insert the platform name of your choice. I feel that, if I don't break through the barrier of being just an "online friend", I will never be able to remain actual friends with someone. I want to be special to them. A close friend. How can I accomplish this? Or is my reasoning wrong? On that note, what do friends do that lets them stay friends?
  14. I don't know if people still read the forums, but here I am. So, I've watched the entirety of Criminal Idol multiple times now, and every time I do, I think of how well it would work with the DDLC characters after a bit of a rewrite. I'm still waiting for proper permission from Static, but I have started with a story in my head, and I've started drawing the Detective Detective character. I was just wondering what this community thought of this. The drawing of DD is partially for me. Mainly so I that I'll actually draw something instead of, well, not drawing something.
  15. There's something about the way you write that feels awfully sentimental and poetic. I quite like it. I may not be able to answer your question, but wherever you are at the moment, I hope you found some self-assurance and were able to do the things you wanted to, or found something new to pursue. That's always a rollercoaster to experience- full of ups and downs, mostly happening in the mind. But can still be a lot of fun.
  16. Hello there. I am simply Your everyday fan :). It's nice to join the community.
  17. (simple topic for when there are no others to do) Pacing. How do you keep up with the pace of life, without running way ahead of it. How do you avoid wasting time in a frantic rush to catch up or get ahead?
  18. Many things I do I feel like I don't put in my full effort or just feel that I failed myself at it... I stress over these things yet I never actually get to get to everything. (I have improved at bowling, but its almost over...) I feel like I'm causing unnecessary stress and panic; how do I get my bearings and improve things I need to improve?
  19. This is more for others out there then me right now, but it's something I think we all struggle with this in one way or another in our lives. The wait. The wait to see if a new job will work out. The wait for a new job to start. The wait to do what you dream of. It seems like at times life is filled with so much waiting that it's hard to stay patient and not stress out. So how do you guys handle the wait, when the wait is difficult?
  20. The world has a weird way of balancing things. Or I guess to be more accurate people do. With practically everything there's always a balance, whether that be the amount of protons to electrons in an atom, or The balance in your bank account, or something we've talked about before that being balancing empathy and sympathy, I could go on. That said is it just me or is it like the world just spoon feeds us bad news all the time. I feel like a big reason for that is the media and all, but most of the time, we always hear some kind of bad news over most good news. Which sucks cause good
  21. [Original Topic name: Saule - When to Hate Someone, and How to Hate Lovingly (Not Urgent) (Possibly a Theology Thursday Topic, lol. :p)] In our modern culture, and in modern Christianity, we are told to not hate a person but hate their sin, or wrongdoings. At church, my pastor has been going through the Psalms. We just finished Psalm 5. One of the big points that the pastor brought up was, God does not just hate the sin, he hates those who sin as well. How can that be? God loves us right? But we all sin. In Psalm 5, David (the king of Israel for anyone unfamiliar) is appealing to Go
  22. First off this isn’t really to urgent this is just a vent, I haven’t really been active here to much or even have been going to live streams and I’m really sorry about that….. but I kinda just need to vent I guess I’ll try not to make this to long sense It’s been along time sense I've vented or just laid out my problems to anyone So I’ve been feeling very left out and just lonely. Like yeah, I have friends but I only talk to them through email or text messages. That or I just at most talk to one or two people I guess are my friends during school. Which is limited to only lunc
  23. I find things that are so commonly talked about in society, to be weird for me to talk about... I feel nervous about judgement of this. Writing this I still feel the stress of judgment that I feel that wouldn't be there... I've only told 2 people quite recently and they were bemused as expected, one literally today. I felt relieved telling someone about it, yet I feel that if I tell more people I'll be judged more. Which makes no sense seeing how its so normal in our society, yet it feels so awkward to talk about. How do I get over this doubt I have?
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