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  4. 1. Self doubt 2. Unwanted thoughts and emotions 3. Feeling like I don't fit in 4. Feeling like I'm not good enough 5. Lack of determination? 6. Being hard on myself 7. Worrying too much 8. Being overwhelmed 9. Self harm
  5. Normally, my mind would allow for focusing on a single topic at a time- for a month or so I'd be really into something like Undertale and I'd mostly talk about that when given the chance to speak freely. Then suddenly, I might get side tracked and that topic may change to a specific musical artist such as Static-P. Ever since I can remember I've been changing topics with the most time spent on a single topic being a month or so, and the least being a day or two. Recently however, my topics have been changing rapidly. Within a single day I'd be watching an anime, then a different TV sho
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  8. Setting a goal was always told to be an achievement; but I have set so many goals. It just seems like that all these goals I have set to achieve, are just one mind set away. One of my goals was to lose weight; that was put on hold due to my failing of my goal to do better in school, but I have so many goals... I sometimes feels like giving up, but I want to succeed. The past week I've had so much work to do but I get nothing done. I end up falling asleep at 5pm. I know that I am strong enough to achieve all my goals; but this reoccurring thought to just give up, clouds my mind.
  9. I think this is where you submit topics to talk about in DWW? I'm a little confused lol. I have a habit of planning way far into the future. I know that planning ahead can be a good skill, but I will spend hours planning my college path and life when I'm only 14 and have high school homework that's incomplete. I just want to set myself up for success and give myself an easy(ish) life! But it takes away time from the steps that it will take to get there. I spend time doing extracurriculars and building a diverse and well rounded resume so that I have a good chance at acceptance int
  10. Evermore, slowly I fall apart. Thoughts within my head, all in bear sorrow instead. And there's nothing more I can do, other then to hold on to love, hope, faith, and truth. Truth that I'm not okay, and that's okay, but it's not making sense. Faith that God is with me, in all the I will see. Hope that things will go well, and it will be someday some story to tell. Love, though nothing feels farther when I'm so far. In summary, my current medical condition is hard on my mental state. For those of you who don't know, I have a medical condition that began aro
  11. Hello you lovely people. I have noticed that a lot of you have Nintendo Switches, I have also noticed a lot of you like to play games on these Nintendo Switch's, Finally I have noticed by looking outside my window that a lot more people are inside now a days. So in good spirit I would like to lead the charge of the BSS Nintendo Switch game club where every 1-2 weeks I will post a poll for a variety of games rotated through my collection that are also popular among many switch owners and the one with the most votes will be played on said day. However I can not start the club without knowing whe
  12. I am no stranger to my weight, I never liked my wight, but recently the image is fading. The past few months I have started growing to have my physical image. I want to lose weight and I have taken steps like, I stopped drinking mtn dew, and this helps. I just can't find the time of day to exercise other than my PE class. My grades have fallen greatly and now I seem to never know when I'll have time to exercise. My hatred towards my physical image is getting worse, some days I choose to eat almost nothing and others I know I eat too much. I want to lose weight but I have no clue ho
  13. OK, what if you fit all of the symptoms of depression, but you can't trust anyone with it?
  14. CDVNL's track "Sail On" has now also become an instrumental by the duo A Single Duel, enjoy this 2020 update:
  15. Hey everyone, a few days ago (and on the worst day possible) I lost someone who was very important to me. They were my best friend and as I saw them, my other half. Because of an accident I had, that I don’t want to go into detail about, I couldn’t remember much. But I went to talk to this friend and saw that they had messaged me saying that they didn’t want to be friends anymore. I tried to talk to them and find a way where we didn’t have to stop being friends but they insisted and shot down every idea I had. They said I was probably lying about getting hurt, didn’t take their advic
  16. @slightlyaboveaveragejoe I think this would be your realm of expertise?
  17. This is only my second proper cover. I covered It’s Not Like I Like You a while ago, but it didn’t work out quite as well. I’m not that great a editing, but I tried. I hope you enjoy. (it sounds slightly better with headphones on) I also did a redraw of the art in the video. Geez it took a long time! 59409208_DreamOn!Cover.mp3
  18. Hi, so this is a topic I have been planning on posting since November... It's not very time sensitive since it's not associated with any particular event. Anyway, I have noticed something about myself that I'm not particularly fond of. It's not a particular problem per say, but it does cause some problems on occasion. I have a tendency to focus on the negatives of a thing/event/idea rather than the positives. It's not particularly a problem because I usually don't take these negatives to heart. I instead just use them to understand differences, and benefits/deficits between o
  19. I've been having problems with motivation, do you guys have any tips to help with boosting motivation?
  20. I often find myself unable to pick up responsibility to do my homework and my grades have been suffering for it. I also often don't know how to start homework or exams because my mind is all over the place and I can't bring a coherent string of thought onto paper even though I might have all the info required for the task. If it gets to the worst my thoughts turn into a negative spiral, worrying more about how I'm not getting work done, how the possibility of failure is getting more likely from the time ticking down and also other worries like the future in my life that chime in to distrac
  21. Lately it seems to me I've been getting more paranoid about being an outcast in everything I do. It's getting hard to not think about it. I know I'm not an outcast, but something in my head just always brings this up. How do I forget these thoughts of nonsense?
  22. (This will probably be my final topic. I need to move on. I love you all, But I need to let go.) I finally found somewhere that felt like home. It was a place I felt I belonged. I've never felt that way about a place since - if we're being honest - Static's server. I don't know what it is about this place that made me feel that way. Maybe it was the way they treated me. They were all so nice. They were there for me when I was hurt. I even fell in love. But I got distracted by the past. I wanted so badly to go back. I would've done anything. But there was
  23. I started few projects and I would like to start new projects too, but sometimes I do not have the time or enough attention, I need some time to rest between school and work, but I have some recesses. It is difficult but I do keep working hard to achieve my goals.
  24. I wonder if being a stay at home mom is seen as an actual job in today’s society. My husband doesn’t seem to agree with me on the subject. I wanted to get a non biased opinion since you guys don’t know us personally.
  25. Hey everyone, Right now on my phone so it's a tad easier to write here then on the website. Long story short, life hasn't been kind to me for the last little while and I am kinda on the brink of wanting to give up, actually I even tried. A lot of stuff happened. I had a girl I had a crush on who rejected me which cut even more after hearing she was going with a close friend of mine and they never told me... Heck I figured out relationships are not for me the 2nd time and it goes just as wrong as the first time. What was worse is that 10 minutes later I got a call that my grandma w
  26. I've been having trouble lately making simple choice Decisions. I know I choose the wrong answer every time cause it will just hurt later. Migraines, I used to have migraines 1-2 week and I never told anyone, now that I have reduced the amount of caffeine I'm drinking. I only get one once or twice a month. With the dumb choices I get overwhelmed by them with unnecessary stress and it just ends up in a migraine. Also whenever I get extremely stressed out or anxious/nervous I break out in hives, this annoys me so much because I know I can prevent it from happening but I fail over and
  27. J.Curtis


    CDVNL - solo became a duo A Single Duel, here's track 1 from their album that came out Dec. 31, 2020. "No!"
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