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  2. As a massive fan of rock & metal genres, I couldn't help but wonder... What happened to my favourite genre (plural)? Did it die completely? Let's take a leap back in time. All the way back to 1960's. Well, maybe even a bit further. The year is 1956. "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley is announced Billboard's #1 song on the "Pop" chart. That's the first time a Rock & Roll song claims that spot. This marks the beginning of the era. Different artists come and go, new genres arrive. Rock & Roll used to be what we consider "Pop music" nowadays. as 1960s pass, the "Classic Rock" gives way to a new wave of rock. 1964, the "British Invasion" starts. The well known groups like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Queen and Yes, as well as singers like David Bowie and Elton John... And that's just to name a few. Truly, a golden age for Rock music. Fast forward to today. Did You notice? Rock is now niche. Most notably, Forbes posted an article titled "Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead. No, Really This Time" in 2017. To quote Danny Ross, the person behind the article, Later down in his article he points out the differences between the mainstream songs nowadays and the particular elements of Rock 'n' Roll. And he's right, You know? The difference is there. The things that made r'n'r have evolved. The people moved on. When is the last time You saw a rock song on top of the charts? The last time I did was 2002, with Nickelback's "How You Remind Me". I share opinion with my idol, Gavin Dunne. So, is Rock & Roll dead? Or has it just moved into different places & forms? Feel free to share Your feelings and opinions. Let me know what You feel!
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  4. (WJHSJSBDB accidentally have this second message thing to so I guess I’ll add something here) I also think it’s just as dangerous to make friends in real life as it is online. Like everything someone could do to you online you can have happen to you in real life too. If someone stole your credit card number online, someone could also just steal your credit card in real life. Situations vary but you get my point, talking to anyone you don’t know is pretty dangerous but having the confidence to go try to make long lasting relationships is something really special in my eyes and something I couldn’t even think of doing for the longest time. Now I have a lot of friends, a lot of ex-friends, and 2 best friends!
  5. I'm super sorry for this, youtube was not working-- I tired but it's not cooperating-- I also realized that other people can see that video too and then I started to feel really uncomfortable but here's my gmail though if you want to talk to me: little.miss.fancy.15@gmail.com (this isn't a personal email it's just a backup one and in case anyone else tries to email me--). I'll try to summarize what I said here: As someone who hasn't had much experience with having/making friends,I kinda see making friends online like making friends in real life. At first you're just strangers and then over time you slowly get to know each other better. I feel like a friend is someone you feel comfortable talking to about anything and someone you don't feel super weird around. I guess that's why I see you guys as friends because I can just act how I normally act and no one really has a problem with it, and if I ever did mess up I know you'd guys forgive me. Though besides that the internet is a scary place and to be honest I probably shouldn't even be talking to you guys (stranger danger and such) but I feel like I can somewhat trust you guys.. I mean people who want to steal my information or kidnap me probably wouldn't come to DWW and vent about their issues too.. maybe? I don't know? Guess I won't know until I get to know them, huh? I'm also that kind of person where if someone says "Hey, I don't want to be your friend anymore." I'd totally be fine with it, I get overly attached to people but also can let go of people easily too. Not as in, I just stop caring about you but if you give me a really, really good reason to dislike you I'd probably stop being your friend. I feel like if you're going to make a friend, whatever type of friend, it should be someone you feel comfortable around and if you don't feel comfortable anymore you have all rights to leave. That's kind of what I think a friend is and if you want, you can call me Alexis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfMCZYtbSs&t=6620s (I had a topic where I said that conversations were hard and how do I talk to people without coming off as weird and stuff, the time stamp for this one is 1:50:20 btw)
  6. Have you ever tried to say goodbye, you know a solid goodbye, not a goodbye world. But a goodbye, gonna see you again. Over time we as humans says goodbye alot, to family when leaving home, friends when we seperate, collegues when work is done, fellow students after school, animals when they are going to the farm, guests and shoppers who visit the stores. Becouse overtime people gets to a custom to say goodbye, cioa, farvel, see you later, bye bye, now leave my plain lousy kids, thanks for dropping bye, get safe home, etc... so they lose meaning. I have come to point in life where "goodbye" no longer means something, but I still say it out of social politeness. And this made me think! What is a healthy goodbye?
  7. Why do I feel like people who don't like repetition won't enjoy this post...? I had this weird arguement against myself in my head lately. It's pretty much entirely ethical, and it focuses on judgement. I came up with lots of different arguments "for" and "against", and couldn't find anything that would 1;1 set my mind on either side, so I'm reaching out here for more arguments! So, the question I have is; What type of judging someone is good, and which one is wrong? I feel like there's a thin line; Of course there's the difference of judging someone in the solitude of Your mind, judging someone in front of them, and judging someone in front of others (And well, judging someone behind their backs, but we'll ignore this one for now) In the confines of judging someone in our minds, I believe in the long shot it doesn't matter much. It's hard for me to think up a sinister scenario here. Even "Judging someone in our heads because someone said some unpleasant rumors about them" is not a bad thing as long as we don't take these rumors to other people. It can be good though, after all, judging if people are good or bad is how I identify which people I should avoid (e.g. toxic people) and which I should stick around. If we're talking about judging people in front of others is a hard topic for me ethically. Mainly because of a quote I can't remember properly. It said something among the lines of "A true friendship praises you in front of people, and criticises you when you two are alone". It gave me the light on the topic that; If You say negative things about someone, as long as someone else gets to hear it, it's a negative thing, as you're essentially bad mouthing them (even if you are saying the truth), and if You give positive judgement (as long as it's truth), it can't be a bad thing. Here we enter the most interesting and heated topic for me; Judging someone in front of themselves alone. Just You and that person. Some people wish not to be judged at all. Some people wish only for "constructive criticism", some people don't mind being judged as long as it's worded properly, and then there are those who don't mind judgement at all. So, is the border entirely up to "Who are we judging"? Is it about "How"? I'd love to hear Your thoughts on the topic of judgement! Always Yours, Leo A religious P.S.; I know in the end God will be the one who decides what's good or bad, so I don't worry about this. I'm just having a brain storm over this
  8. A dear friend of mine is packing and aiming to move across the world. And they are worried about being able to move. Some part of it is that Corona virus has pushed it back. But the biggest hurdle is that they have an emotionally unstable and manipulating "friend"/roommate who leaches off of them and they are scared to prepare for their move. They have starting dropping hints to their roommate not mentioning a date, but that roommate is already talking badly about my friend as if they are abandoning their roommate. Some things you should know is that the apartment expenses aren't an issue as the roommate could afford it. But it's a sudden change from paying 10% of rent. The roommate is acting like she's going to die forced to have responsibility even though they make more money then my friend. And the roommate is the type of person who would choose to starve instead of cleaning a dish to eat with then complain of hunger until someone else does the dishes. And worst of all, my friend is being verbally abused and that's they are afraid of doing anything. They pick on here for small things and my friend doesn't speak up because it'll just lead to more argument and abuse. "cause it'd lead to MORE backlash, more things I DO wrong, and probably "I should die". Like why would I EVEN bother and people don't GET that a lot of the time. I'm afraid of the backlash and her tendencies and its affect on me. I'm really scared about it. It's a huge weight/toll to have to deal with their constant depressive talk of wanting to die. It increasing more then it already is for 6 months? I'm not sure I could bare it" But, what they really need is some tough love and words. They know that they are immensely loved and hearing about it doesn't encourage them to think about it or solve this issue properly. Would you have some of those types of words that could help my friend?
  9. It's uh, more on the lighter side of topic. But yeah, how to friend? Halp! For real though, the internet is an interesting place filled with characters. Sometimes my brain just turned off and I don't know how to handle people. Princess Transcription Notes: Well, hello there. So, ya it's Eid's season coming up which I kinda have been reflecting for. You see, it's kinda sighs It's kinda natural to reflect yourself upon a milestone. And this is the end of Ramadan. Which is the whole fasting month for the people of my faith. So yeah, I'm kinda thinking about what's been going on during quarantine I guess. One thing I want to ask about is friendship actually. You see, the internet is a wild place because you can be so far, and yet so close. So found new friends you could say, but I don't really know what they feel about me. Probably just some random old guy. Anyways, I just thought I should ask "How do I be a friend?" So ya. That's kinda my question. I am quite an awkward person. It is a day before Eid which is a very significant celebration to my faith a day of victory so I'm spending time reflecting. Things have changed quite a bit during the quarantine and I somehow made new friends. The thing is... I don't know how to be a friend, halp.
  10. I whole heartedly agree! And even if the forecast doesn't allow the sun to shine, doesn't mean it's not trying it's best to still come through
  11. Inspired by Raka's hand~y topic and the amazing, beautiful weather outside. Let's take a moment and Maybe we should give a day to appreciate our amazing friend in the sky for allowing life to bloom down here, for letting our good days be better and yet still, shining bright even in some of our darkest days (If forecast allows it to, I guess? )
  12. Pena, is Portuguese for feather. Pena is also a formal word for pen in my language. Quill, my self proclaimed nickname was inspired by both it and the rhyme it had with my first name. Pena also sounded feminine so my younger self decided not to use it directly. I thought I could hold on to the name Quill, but lately I realized that I shouldn't. I will not be writing professionally, I will do it when I can. I am putting writing on an indefinite hiatus, I need to find more pieces of myself other than this guy who write sometimes. I guess I felt ordinary, plain. I guess I feel like an ordinary Joe (no offense). I just feel like my significance on low nowadays, I am cannon fodder. I guess I should try new things.
  13. How do I encourage my brother to fill out job applications? As it sits I am paying for everything and now have two jobs. In the past he was forced to fill applications as a punishment but I can't be there to hold him up forever because I have my own goals and life. The people helping us and our current landlords are also pushing for him to do so as well. I just don't want to push and end up repeating the same things our father did to us.
  14. Hey! This topic is kind of rushed but it's been bothering me for months so here it is, A couple months ago I went to pick up my little sister from school I found my mom in the office talking to the principal and she told me my younger sister had been acting weirdly. Apparently she been telling her friends about suicidal thoughts she was having and having weird drawings of dead people in her sketch book. On top of that she'd been talking to us less, her grades have been going down, and she hardly ever smiled.. The principle was the one that called my mom over and my sister didn't know so we had to pretend we just came together to pick her up. I remember when we walked out of the office my mom was on the verge of tears and in the car I carried the conversation so my sister wouldn't pay to much attention to my mom. After we got home my sister went to take a bath and that's when I broke down a bit, I remember panicking and writing a topic for it but then only to delete it after because I realized I shouldn't freak out about it until we got confirmation from a doctor (which we did later, she has depression.) I guess my question is, how do I take care of my little sister..? I've been trying to help her get her grades up, and getting her to clean her room but I end up doing them instead.. I've also tried to get her into more healthy habits but she keeps avoiding them.. I feel like I'm doing everything for her now and I don't know how to help her mentally (?) and physically (?).. (My grandmother also has depression so it's not like I'm not used to treating people it's just I want her to get better but I don't know what I can do..)
  15. The situation is like this: I like this guy because he shares my level of faith and enjoys singing for God like I do (wholesome Catholic tingz). At that point, he's someone I want to be close friends with. But then it gets complex because as a person, he cares a lot for people's wellbeing and doesn't give up on them. He would even ask me for my help, which I like because it shows how he's not too proud to ask for help. He's silly but serious when needed, funny in his own way, and a long-time friend. After all this time, I feel an attraction to his personality/soul. Some days it's really strong, and some days it's just there. Problem is, after quarantine is over, he'll probably move away and I want to know how to tell if I want to be with him as a friend or something more before it's too late. I could be happy just being his friend, but I know I'm interested in loving him. So how the heck do I tell the difference?
  16. Why does being content feel so wrong? Nothing is wrong. I don't feel guilt, sadness, pain or anger. This isn't normal for me and I feel like something is gonna blow up in my face.
  17. I agree. Meteor hasn't given much to the investigation yet except for the alibi, so why even include them unless they have some importance? Everyone else has a reason to be in episode 0, and now that Nori has an alibi, it can't be him. They're the only ones who are there without being of much importance, except the teachers. However the teachers' personalities don't seem like ones to bomb something, and are otherwise explainable why they're there. That only leaves Meteor as the odd ones out.
  18. I need to watch my diet, since the stress doesn't help with my blood pressure right now. It has been a tiring weekend plus a few more days, with sadly little to no progress. I don't know where I am going with this, I guess I'm mentally tired? I probably dug myself too deep at this point, as an public administration student and a relatively young person on the Internet. I thought I was stronger than this, but my research as a student and my own personal observations led me to more disappointments than I could handle right now. As a student, I am required to be updated with what's going on. What this led to is the disgust on how politics, our other half of the government was playing out. I was of age to vote about 2 weeks ago, and the realization gave me quite the headache... to think, that one day I'm going to have to work with probably even worse people in the future. I'm being selfish bringing that up, sorry. Then, as one of the people using the Internet nowadays, I tried to do something I like. I was looking through the history of Romania to find inspiration, since my Tiga Puluh Hari post here was on an indefinite hiatus. Surprise, surprise... more drama happened. After working on my 3D model, I thought I could finally get some discussions going on to improve and learn more. But I guess you can't have new Romans when Rome burns. So I decided to hold off on the development and read up on the drama too. I thought understanding more of the situation would help my head clear off. I was mistaken, cause now I have a headache and I feel sick. As of last post, I'm starting to lose my sense of self again. That's kinda one of the reasons I left the server recently, trying to not bring more negativity in. This new low of significance doesn't feel good, and I admit it is selfish of me to say that. After all, at this point I can't get anything done. I'm no longer creative, if I ever was at one point. I am no longer consistently kind, cause I ended up using silence. I am tone deaf and my face would lead to someone wishing for death. I am also becoming an idiot, a gullible and insensitive dum dum. I have midterms coming, so I'm walking away. It's not like I can do anything about it right now. It's not like I have to care about strangers online. It's not like it was not normal these days to lack the care for others. It's not like I matter right now. Yes, I am a coward. I ran away. All I wanted to do is curl up on my bed. Not that I got much sleep anyways. The fetal position was just right for me, since I'm a big baby. Let me sleep in the dark for a bit, and pray that I can open my eyes with a fresh view. I'm sorry for the lack of proper writing lately. I am terrible at being a human with emotion, in expressing it. Now, I doubt if I actually learnt anything, because mimicry can produce similar results when I think about it. *sigh* This felt roundabout, all of these felt like Deja Vu, but I still don't know how to face them huh... pathetic.
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  20. Why should I care, didn't even know them all that well. I was being hopeful, to be ignorant but the evidences weighs heavily against them. Never been someone that mattered enough in the community, so I can't really go too deep. I need answers but all I kept seeing are more questions. Who should I trust now? It doesn't help that I have been lacking sleep lately, I can't make any deduction yet, everything seemed plausible. First, there's the case of a childhood hero. He was an actor for a show over 10 years ago. Always been relatively engaging to fans in English and showed great reputation. A day ago though, I learned about a divorce amid all these chaos. What's so bad about it, was the fact he caught cheating. A man, hero of children engaged in that kind of behavior. I don't know, just felt betrayed. Why should I care about people who get paid to play roles anyways. Then, there was this cancellisation of a certain someone rather important to another person I hold dear. The person always been showing that they cared about the people, very passionate. Was not close to them but for a dear friend I had, they were in a relationship with them and it was healthy. They were happy to be with them, and I wished it stayed that way, especially with how bridges had to be burnt to get to that point. I don't know what to believe, because I do not know enough about them to defend this sudden accusation. All of this seemed fishy still, since the person we had to cut off suddenly reemerged when they were being chastised. I am very suspicious that one of two accusations against them were fabricated since clout can be manipulated that way and that was a community that revolves around getting attention in terms of ears. Then the third, there was this distance that was so close yet became so far. I am sick to admit this, in fact I already had my stomach content cleared out a few minutes ago. I am sick to admit I got betrayed so often. A friend of mine, that went overseas broke our code. He was involved with predatory crimes. Crime is one thing, but to ruin the future of next generation is an action taken far. I am getting real tired, being with people are getting exhausting even online and I cannot just take a break. Individually I won't amount to much, but as a cog in the machine of society I need to do what I can, as soon as I can.
  21. My ex-bff and I parted on bad terms a while ago. She didn't want to be friends with me, and though I usually still try to fix things, her words finally hurt me past my limit. These days, we're in contact and are friendly. I try my best to make up for the past by being there for her, but I can't open up to her anymore. It was my belief that our friendship was mutually desired, and hearing that she wished she wasn't my friend for a long time made me think I was not wanted in her life. That was why I gave up; it was not because I hated her (I truly couldn't), but because I believed her and decided she was better off without me. She tried once or twice to fix things when she began missing me, but I knew it was just withdrawal from our closeness. After the whole thing, it further cemented my beliefs when she happily chased another best friend, and because she does not say she wishes they weren't friends, I support it. But now I am silent. And it sucks because she was the friend who drew me out of my social ignorance and made me realize what talking could be like. Now, I cannot be blissfully and ignorantly quiet. I want to speak, but there is a literal voice in my head that keeps saying I am not wanted and no one can handle me. So I excuse it by saying I'm young and have a long time to find someone to trust, and that's true. However, I am called as a Catholic to forgive and I really can't. When she apologized for hurting me, I just said "I hear you" because I couldn't say "I forgive you." I'm scared that if I forgive her, I'll make myself trust her again, and I genuinely cannot. I always thought, since we clashed and fought many times, that she would get tired of me and leave. And she did. I am still me, my personality has not changed. I will express myself in a way she doesn't like, and she'll remember why she wishes she never met me, and then I'll have a deeper problem of trust. I feel like forgiving her will be saying that it was okay to treat me like that and she'll disregard my feelings because in the end, I will forgive her and she'll get away with it. Did I mention I'm sure she doesn't even want my forgiveness or to be friends? I fail to make myself strong enough to forgive. (also, I'm sorry this is long, I swear I tried to stop myself)
  22. Hey all! If you can't tell by the title, this story was originally written for the three-day writing contest about one of the seven virtues. I chose perseverance. Evidently though, I couldn't finish the story in time. And I don't mind at all, truly. But I still wanted to finish the story. So without further ado, enjoy my (quite long) short story. Might take up to 30 minutes to read it. Here's the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bJRvZq5VcdcItMRUUvepr-FOgAV-kX4cFF-ZHEXcqpg/edit?usp=drivesdk It's admittedly a tad rushed. I sincerely hope you enjoy it regardless. -Matt
  23. *This story is a work of fiction. Similarities between characters or events to persons in your life living or dead are purely coincidental.* Hekai grew up with her sister, and uncle. Hekai's sister is a bit shorter than Hekai, but she is less mature. Hekai's sister's name is Alice. She is really shy and is very lighthearted. Hekai's uncle is named Maccri. Maccri is a father figure that has an overwhelming need to protect the children. Hekai's parents were shippers to other districts. They were killed when Hekai was 10. The last shipment was to District 67. Hekai noticed the burning hut and told her uncle. Maccri quickly noticed the fire and grabbed a gallon of water and a hose. By the time Maccri ran out 4 huts were on fire. The fire was out of control. "Everyone get out of here. I will try to put the fire out, Get out of here!" Maccri said. "Uncle mac." Alice said gently. "Go, Get out of here!" Maccri screamed. Alice and Hekai ran out through the welcome gates of District 68. When they ran out the whole district was set on fire, and the home they knew for all of their lives burnt into a pile of ash. Maccri did not survive the great act of terrorism to the Canibe District. It was dubbed, The Great Fall of District 68. Hekai and her sister made their way to the district next door, District 67, also known as Copperton. It is known as the district of peace. The entrance has a stone path with a wooden arch with a sign saying “Copperton” on top. Hekai noticed a small piece of paper on the arch where the sign is. The paper read “With the pain and suffering our neighboring district, District 68 faced. It has fallen on the same day as this year's Star Festival so we can pay our respects to the fallen.”. “Were we really the only ones to get out?” Alice asked. Hekai was sure they were the only ones to get out. Hekai put that question aside and waited for the star festival. The star festival is an annual festival where the citizens of Copperton pay their respects to the lost. It is named the star festival because, The founder of Copperton lost most of his family due to an automobile accident. He gazed at the stars and all of his pain went away. He felt that if all of his pain went away, everyone else that is grieving will go up to the sky. Hekai and Alice walked through the arch that leads to Copperton. When they walked in they noticed a layout similar to their district. A giant cafeteria, Wooden huts, bulletin board, etc. Hekai walked down the stone path leading to the District hall. Walking in, Alice was hiding behind Hekai like a child clinging onto her mother. “Welcome to the Copperton District Hall, My name is Anna and how can I make your acquaintance?” The Lady at the desk asked. “We are 2 of the survivors from the fall of 68. We need your help.” Hekai pleaded. “Please show me your district ID, it's for verification.” Hekai got nervous. “Our IDs got caught in the fire, we had to get out of there quickly.” Hekai said, mumbling in fear. “ Please come with me,” Anna asked kindly. Hekai and Alice follow Anna to the backroom of the District hall. In the room there are 4 people expressing their feelings together. “Hekai and Maccri saved all of us. I hope everyone made it out” One man said. The door opened and everyone noticed Hekai and Alice standing next to Anna. Everyone looked in shock as Hekai said “Hello” as she waved.
  24. First of all, I know the first though some might immediately have is "but nobody deserves anything," but stick with me for a moment. I've been debating leaving BSS and everything surrounding it. I changed my mind to wanting to go back to making music again, and my constant shifting of interests makes me feel like a nuisance. Also, while I love everyone in the community, it's very painful. It's come to the point where I feel like everything I'm doing is because "I made mistakes, so I must repair the relationships I broke as a result." But I'm done with this mentality of thinking that I owe anyone anything. Ironic, considering what this post is about. But the reason I want to break this mentality is because if I'm able to cut off having to owe people things, or having to live for certain people, then I don't have to live at all. I'm no longer Christian. Do I believe in some higher power? I surely believe it's possible, but as for religion, I am undecided and plan on staying undecided so that I am free to believe whatever, as long as it feels true. So do I believe in a God? Possibly. Religion aside, I can continue on this post. I don't want to live. I want to die. I've been this way for quite a while, and the feeling never left, I just kept silent about it because I didn't want to keep complaining about the same thing. You don't deserve to have to repeatedly deal with my issues, and I don't deserve to be helped. If everything's a gift, and nothing is deserved, then I don't want to take the gift. Give it to someone that could do better with it. The gift will simply be wasted in my hands. I don't deserve life, to experience beautiful things, to have any talent (not that I have much to begin with), or anything at all. Even if no one deserves anything, I still deserve less than that. I deserve death, I deserve pain, I deserve Hell for all the people I've hurt and all the mistakes I've made. It's hard to explain, because if no one deserves anything, then do I even deserve that? But I do. I deserve everything miserable. I deserve nothing but pain. I am deserving of destruction. I don't deserve the light or the good and beauty it brings. And because of all of this, I want-- no... need to die. I wish I could so badly, but I know doing so will hurt my sisters, my grandparents, and those who love me. I don't deserve their love, and I wish I could make them see that. I wish I could die without causing anyone any type of pain or hardship. I'm positive nothing can change the way I feel about myself, but I thought I'd post this anyways since this is the only place I can say these things without causing people to panic. I'd like to be proven wrong, but part of it comes from me. Only I can fill the remaining gap needed to change the way I feel about myself. "Fall from grace, run away from what's inside. Hide your face, you should leave me far behind." Also, if this is my final topic, then I must say thanks for all the problems of mine that you've helped me with, and I'm sorry for everything. No one deserves the burden that I am. I know some will probably try to convince me that I'm worthy of love, but save your effort, please, for your sake. I'm not worth it, especially not to myself.
  25. Sparrow is here Long time no see everyone, i do pop up in the chat sometimes but i cant usually stay very long. I feel like when i am writing my thoughts are not coming out the way i vision. Please tell me what i can do. Sparrow is gone
  26. Why do hot dogs come in packages of 8 and buns come in 6? I don't know how to cope with that.
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